AndroidPIT – request a review

Your favorite app hasnʼt been reviewed by AndroidPIT?

You can change that! Whether you're an app developer or simply a big fan, you can request a test report for your app. A test report in one language costs 2000.00 €, with every additional language costing 500.00 €.

If you are an indie developer we are happy to help you to get more reach on a lower budget – just drop us an e-mail on

In the following field, please enter the app package name. If you donʼt know it, you can look it up on the drop-down list to your right. Then on the app page simply click on "Request a review".

Package name:

The package name is the title an app goes by on Android Market.

You can also find the package name at AndroidPIT. When you look up an app, you'll get a link via which you can access the app at the Android Market.

The package name is "hidden" in the link itself. Everything that comes after "pname:" is the actual package name.

(Example: market://search? → "" is the package name.)

Please select one or more languages in which you would like to have the review released. We charge 2000.00 € for the first language and 500.00 € for any additional languages.

If you're not an AndroidPIT user, please register with us. You can also send us your name and e-mail address in order for us to get in touch with you. We'll let you know immediately when the test report is finished and online.

A sponsored app does not guarantee good review results. Every app tested by us is evaluated objectively.
Remember: Bad apps get low scores!
If a new version of a previously reviewed app is resubmitted for review, the full price must be paid. There is no rebate when reviewing apps that have already been reviewed.