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Why Men Prefer a Leather Case for their Phones Over Polycarb or Silicone Cases


Have you ever thought about it? The instances of men using leather cases for their smartphones are more than women using them? While men prefer using leather iPhone 5 cases, many women use silicone cases for their iPhone 5. This is why if you look at the designs of most leather cases they are more in line with what men would prefer them to be. This fact remains true across all phone/smartphone models. Men prefer leather. That’s an undisputed fact.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why men prefer leather cases:

They Look Manly

Men want their phone cases to look manly. No, I am not joking and this isn’t a frivolous point. Why would men pick something that looks delicate (for e.g. silicone covers), wouldn’t they prefer going for something that looks roughly hewn, and over time looks weather beaten, yet striking. This is why men prefer leather cases over silicone cases. It’s mostly about the looks.

Peer Pressure

Even if you do not like leather cases, you will still go for it because most of your friends and colleagues are using it. Men would like to deny it, but there are affected by peer pressure and this is yet another reason why men prefer leather cases. This is as good a reason as any!

They have an inherent affinity for leather

You will meet very few men who will say they don’t like leather products. Most like using leather products like shoes, belts, wallets so why wouldn’t they choose from amongst for their Galaxy Note 2. After all, it also help them make a definitive style statement. They wouldn’t want to pass up on this opportunity. The Galaxy Note 2 is just an example to illustrate my point, but leather cases are available for a range of other smartphones as well.

They Want Durability and Reliability

If they have made an expensive purchase like a smartphone, men are concerned about protecting it at all costs. This is why they prefer leather cases, as they protect the phone and its screen and what’s more leather is not susceptible to wear and tear. In fact, when you buy a good leather case, you can continue using it for a long time to come.

Returns on Investment

Although leather cases are more expensive than their silicone and polycarb counterparts, there is no doubt that over the long run they offer the best returns on investment. The life of a phone case made up of silicone or polycarb isn’t as long as that of leather. In fact, you will need to keep changing your silicone cases periodically, but this isn’t the case with the ones made from leather.


Men, lets face it, don’t like spending a lot of time and effort in trying to clean stuff. This is why leather covers are popular amongst them, because they are maintenance free. They don’t attract lint and dirt as the silicone/polycarb covers do and this is why they don’t need to be cleaned all the time. All you need to do, is give them a little brush from time to time and you are done.

To Conclude

These and many other reasons make leather iPhone 5 cases] as well as the leather cases that target other smartphones, are a popular choice amongst men. But don’t be under the impression that women absolutely abhor the use of the leather cases, but they aren’t in love with them as much as the men are.

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