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"The End Of Android Approaches"..WTF Are You Guys Talking About?
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"The End Of Android Approaches"..WTF Are You Guys Talking About?


Here at AndroidPIT, you pretty quickly learn what sources of news are reliable, which ones sometimes are, and which ones are sputtering complete BS. I guess that's part of the game if you're involved with any kind of blogging or journalism. I have always (and still do) viewed Business Insider and Forbes as very reliable news sources, and would never hesitate using them as a source of information that I can trust in. While I still believe they will always be reliable when it comes to news, I, Eric McBride, who has never claimed to be a journalist, but instead a simple Android blogger, am now FORCED to rip apart 2 journalists working for these companies who recently wrote an article full of so much BS that I couldn't take it anymore.

Not only am I going to pull both of them apart, I am going to breakdown every point of their articles entitled (and conveying that) "The End of Android Approaches“, and back them up with hard facts to truly emphasize the fact that neither of them know WTF they are talking about. Eric Vs Business Insider and Forbes: Round 1

The Contenders: (and yes, I'm naming names):

Jay Yarow from Business Insider
Eric Savitz from Forbes

The BS they wrote:

From Business Insider here
From Forbes here

What they reported:

Android is being dominated in the US, and sales numbers outside the US aren't relevant. People prefer the iPhone, not Android, meaning that "The End of Android Approaches“.

The Numbers

I don't even know where to get started here. Let's start with your opening lines. You both state (and believe) that Apple's US smartphone market is currently at 59%, leaving Android at 41%. While that might be true among vendors, it's in no way true in regards to overall share or a massive decline in Android among consumers. What's funny is that you both say 59% of sales "at the top 3 carriers“, meaning you don't take into account at all the many people buying low, mid, and high end Android phones OFF contract. You're making it look like Apple is winning US marketshare, when in reality, they aren't. Comscore, a VERY reliable market research company (THE market research company) reported weeks ago that overall Android US market share was at 50.1%, and Apples at 30.2%. The report can be viewed here. So while the marketshare from the 3 biggest carriers may be relevant to both of you, the fact of the matter is that in the US, Android went from 46.9% marketshare to 50.1% in a matter of 4 months. If you don't believe those numbers, tell Mashable, the site that reported these numbers earlier this month, that they are wrong. "The End of Android Approaches“? I'm not seeing it, and neither is one of the most respected market research companies in the world or one of the best tech resources on the internet.

International Presence Matters

I'm not done. Mr Jay Yarow from Business Insider goes on to say "While Android fans will be quick to point out that smartphone sales happen outside the U.S., it's hard to see this as anything but a huge red flag for Android“. WOW. Really jay? I have to be honest with you here, and please don't take it the wrong way, but: That's quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Let's just see how much international sales don't matter shall we?

This time I'll quote Gartner, another highly respected research firm. Again, literally less than 2 months ago they reported that Android global marketshare is now at 50.9%, which was led by Samsung phones. Let that sink in for a second Jay....50.9 percent, which translates to more than HALF of all smartphones are Android devices. Global market share went from 30.5% to 50.9% in a matter of one year, which is STAGGERING growth.  "The End of Android Approaches“?. Still not seeing it guys.

Androids Biggest Weapon Coming Next Week

Let's wrap it up now..oh wait, let's not, cause I'm still not done ripping your articles apart. Basically, you have both reported that in the US Android is getting dominated, which is wrong, that global sales don't matter, which is not only wrong but seriously ignorant, and that Android sales will continue on a downward scale. If you both really believe sales are about to fall, I have some seriously bad news for you: The Samsung Galaxy S3.

If Mr Yarow and Mr Savitz are as professional as they claim to be, they will know that the Galaxy S2 sold well over 20 million devices. It's even reported that right now, there are currently 850,000 Android activations per day. That's damn near a million fellas. Do you think that with all the hype, excitement, rumors, and buzz surrounding the S3 is for nothing? Do you honestly think when the Galaxy S3 launches next week that it won't have the potential to move even more units than it's little brother? The S2 never had this hype. The only phone EVER that had this hype is the iPhone. The iPhone being released a few weeks later is the ONLY thing that can steal some of the S3's fire. But believe you me, it won't steal all of it. Just ask Apple if the S2 hurt their sales. "The End of Android Approaches“? Still....not....seeing....it.

"Android Isn't a Preferred OS": The Myth

And now for the last point, which again came from Mr Jay Yarow:

"The fundamental problem for Google is that people prefer the iPhone to Android. No matter how you try to slice it, when you give a consumer the choice between an iOS device and an Android device, they are picking the iOS device“.

Well Jay, if that were the case, than please explain to me why Android has majority worldwide market share. Yes, people LOVE iPhones, and yes, they will ALWAYS sell well. But as far as always choosing IOS over Android, I'm afraid that I must inform you that, again, you couldn't be further from the truth. There are high end Android phones out there that cost more on contract or without than the iPhone does, yet somehow, people still buy them. Prediction: You probably use Instagram don't you Jay? :-D

Bottom Line

I do believe that Android and IOS growth will eventually level out, but that time certainly isn't now. Windows will take market share from both companies starting next year, but it won't be significant enough (for phones anyway) to seriously scare Android or Apple. I find it really appalling that you're attempting to convey that Android is dying. It's not. If it was, I would be one of the first to admit it and write about it. I have never failed to mention how I think Microsoft will dominate with Windows Tablets, or how the iPhone set the standard for smartphones and remains the worlds most popular smartphone, so you can spare the accusation that I'm simply another fanboy. I simply find it appalling (love that word) that you try to make Android seem like a choice that nobody is interested in. You're wrong again, and I just proved that with hard numbers.

Please don't think I'm attacking Business Insider or Forbes directly, as I'm not. What I am attacking is your (Mr Yarow and Mr Savitz) extremely warped and furthermore completely inaccurate view of the facts. Tens of thousands of people get news from your websites, and I feel it's important not to be deceptive when you have that type of influence.

So please, do continue to write these articles prophesying Androids doom. But don't be surprised if someone calls you out on them.

Credits to Mashable, Comscore, and Gartner for there research and statistics.

Picture credits: marinasleeps.files.wordpress.com


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  • Eric, you can be forgiven for making some small typos etc. We all do it when going on a rant every now and again. :-D

    Thanks for the article.

  • Thanks a lot for the great feedback guys. I ll be more careful on the editing next time **wink**

    Sometimes after you spend so much time researching and writing, you get lost in it and miss a lot of typos. I ll be more careful from now on! :-D


  • good article Eric. I agree.

  •   3
    Deactivated Account Apr 27, 2012 Link to comment

    This. Is a well done and nicely presented article. Great points! I loved it (and will use these data in my own water-cooler discussions on android v IOS :-)

    One point, it did have a few too many typos in there. (I know Craig said this in the 1st post) That did not stop me from reading (it was too informative & good for that) but those weird typos do distract.... (I think the combination of auto-correct plus haste does this a lot with on line blogging) I hope you have a "part two" soon :*) thanks

  • @Joel - Thanks a lot for your kind words! Really made my day! :-D And yeah, I also agree with your opinion of the journalists. That was just plain bad and extremely deceptive reporting on both their parts.

    @lyhae - Good point. I dont think the actual figures are all wrong, but written very deceptively and in a way that points an occurance that isnt actually happening. But your points are totally valid (especially on revenue generated on platforms), and I agree that Android still does have a lot of work to do.

    @Bradley - EXACTLY. Apple would never be stupid enough to say "only our US sales matter". They spend TONS of money marketing internationally. And your right about Windows 8, especially on tablets. Its gonna take a chunk out of Googgle's and Apples tablet marketshare for sure...a really big one if they get the pricing right.

    Thanks so much for reading guys!

  • These guys are either die hard Apple fan boys or were paid by Apple. Hard to believe guys from big companies like these would write articles like that. Even Apple knows that the U.S. isn't all, that's why they trying to get into markets like China and suing every Android maker in every corner of the globe to get the upper hand. Apple that should be worried about losing their market share soon with more Android devices on their way and maybe Windows Phone 8.

  • ljhaye Apr 26, 2012 Link to comment

    Those articles aren't 100% wrong either, Android has a lot of work to do to become a prefered ecosystem, not just a platform. Here are some of my thoughts with iOS vs Android after reflecting on these 2 articles.

    1)I think the problem with all theses numbers is that they are all old. Apple announced earnings on 4/24, which were quite frankly unreal. They sold 35 million iphones after selling 37 million the previous quarter. Apple owns the tablet space, which they obviously invigorated with their ipad in 2010 but they are selling over 11/12 million units a qtr. Apple made 77% of its sale outside the USA

    2)A key problem is developers don't make anywhere near the same money on both platforms. This is supported by the oracle vs google testimony (verge.com) and by Horace Deidu (asymco.com) where they actually break down the monetization of each platform to a developer and its not pretty. iOS has some top developers making 5 million a month on apps nothing even close to that on android. Android is still behind RIMM regarding dollars earned for developer, which is insane.

    3)These activation numbers are confusing because many people who have bought these android phones STILL USE them as Feature Phones. This is supported by the stat that ONLY 24/25% of Android users access mobile WiFi and web browsing. On iOS 70% of users use these two features on their device (Chitika.com).

    4)Last problem for me is that Google derives over 2/3's of its mobile revenue from the iOS platform and the remainder from ALL other platforms including Android. Again, this information comes out of the Oracle vs Google trial. Which providing some transparency as to how Google makes money in Mobile.

  • Man... I just couldn't stop reading this article - great job.

    And it's pretty sad that Jay Yarow and Eric Savitz still writing for such great and well respected medias like Business Insider and Forbes. They proved to be uninformed, malicious and biased. As journalists, this could be summarized in one word: incompetent.

  • LOL..you know whats funny? I actually thought something like that, simply for the fact that it seemed to blatant. I find the whole thing really odd as well.

  • May be they were paid to do a job for Apple but what a bad job they've done... pay the money back dudes!!!

  • LMAO :-D

  • Ti Mo Apr 26, 2012 Link to comment

    Those dudes gotta be racist..

  • That's kind of how it seems huh? That's why I had to say something about it. The problem with it is that so many people will believe what he writes, regardless of how deceptive/false it is.

  • Maybe he's just extremely narcissistic, and he thinks everyone's opinions match his own.

  • That's EXACTLY what I'm saying! Where do they come up with this stuff?? Its especially crazy how he states that international success pretty much doesn't matter. Totally unrealistic.

  • " No matter how you try to slice it, when you give a consumer the choice between an iOS device and an Android device, they are picking the iOS device"
    I've never read anything so ridiculous in my life. I'm a consumer and I've had that option for what, 4 years now? Yet I've gone with Android every time.

  • Lol . :-D

  • Lol fine, I'll keep reading.

  • Ah common bro...was a long article..you get blinded after a while of writing it. Dont worry...its getting edited as we speak :-D

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