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Gold Samsung not pimp enough? Enter the super-premium Galaxy F line
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Gold Samsung not pimp enough? Enter the super-premium Galaxy F line

Samsung will release an all-new super-premium line next year called the Galaxy F to replace its current S- and Note-series flagships. Considering the various additions to the Galaxy S-series that haven't performed as one might expect of a flagship model - like the S4, S4 Zoom and the minis - casting a new premium line to carry the torch makes perfect sense. So what will you get in a Galaxy F device?

samsung galaxy F
Samsung plans to replace the Galaxy S with the super-premium Galaxy F. / © Samsung

Aluminum, that's what. And new design all round. We've already heard the rumors about the S5 getting wrapped in metal, but it looks like Samsung will be going for a unibody aluminum enclosure for the Galaxy F and work in a complete remake of the familiar Galaxy S design in order to differentiate it. What this means for replaceable batteries we have no idea. It will reportedly be the range to come with true octa-core potential (via Heterogeneous Multi-Processing) and a 16 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization.

Popping out new high-end devices, especially smartphones, late in the year to compete with Apple, LG, Google and Sony launches makes perfect sense. One thing that will make the Galaxy F-series stand out, other than its housing and design, will be its price, which will be just as lofty as the super-premium tagging of the new line suggests. This will be a device category with serious specs to go along with a serious price tag, rest assured.

Will you be saving pennies for a Galaxy F?

Via: Unwired View Source: ET news


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  • I've never gone in for the white gadget thing either - its a simple matter of fact that they end up grubby and looking like rubbish (or maybe I'm just particularly filthy).

  • I think they should look at using something similar to the body of the HTC Sensation XE, it had a great form, was great to hold and you could still swap out the battery, I don't get why nobody else is using that design, infact I don't think even HTC still use it. Why don't Samsung work on improving the models they already produce rather than launch a new model that will probably have the same issues/flaws that we see in the current line up. As for gold gadgets, blah!! I don't even wear gold jewellery (unless it's white gold) so I definitely won't be wanting a phone or tablet that is gold or has gold accents, no matter what the price. Also I think it looks kind of tacky, a bit like white phones look like cheap toys.

  • Amy R. Sep 27, 2013 Link to comment

    Lol, funny Kris and true! What a foolish concept. I don't get it. Is this suppose add to the structural integrity of the phone or is this just another redundant thing to drive up the cost? Boy, I would hate to be the one holding this thing in the middle of a Maine winter with no gloves on!

  • What's with all this gold stuff? Apple does the iPhone, Samsung does the Galaxy F, now Apple are doing the iPad too. Why do they think we want to spend even MORE money on these devices! Next year we'll just be etching our messages into a slab of gold and passing it around.

  • H.T Sep 26, 2013 Link to comment

    I don't like name being ' f ' but I guess it be worth checking out