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Extreme Droid Jump -- An alternative to Doodle Jump

Authored by: Ludwig H. — Aug 24, 2012

A well loved classic for Android and iPhone, most of you will be familiar with the ever-popular Doodle Jump.
While I still have a soft spot for it in my heart, I must admit that I've grown somewhat tired of the homogenous gameplay. Extreme Droid Jump caught my eye, and I straight away billed it as a “Doodle Jump for Android fans”.

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Reviewed version Latest version
1.7.1 1.8.1

Features & Use

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1

Start up the app and check out the main menu which harbours settings options, highscores, an info page and of course an option to start a new game.

The game modes:

  • Classic
  • Survival
  • Falldown
  • Classic for Kidz

“Classic” is very much what you will know from having played Doodle Jump, i.e. hopping from platform to platform, the higher you get the more points you score. There are items along the way, some good, others bad. Honeycombs and Ice Cream Sandwiches are a bonus, other positive items will increase your jumping potential or even afford you more life. Bad items include Mac apples and the Windows phone symbol, a few cheeky jabs at the competition there, but all in good fun.

Items are even more important when playing in the “Survival” mode. Andy has to try and circumvent falling objects whilst collecting good items. The infamous blue screen of death awaits if you get hit.

In “Falldown” Andy is plummeting from one platform to another, and you have to guide him lest he crashes and burns. This mode is similar to Classic.

And finally, “Classic for Kidz” is a kid-friendly version of Classic, as its name suggests. In it, Andy can't fall down at all, meaning the game can go on and on.

Highscores are managed via Scoreloop where you can set up an account via which you can then publish scores.

Settings are pretty generic and include regulating sound and music options.

Bottom line:

Extreme Droid Jump is heavily inspired by Doodle Jump but the various game modes stir things up nicely. If you like Doodle Jump but were a bit bored with it and want to try the same game with a few changes, Extreme Droid Jump is a great option for you.

Screen & Controls

Extreme Droid Jump controls are easy and self-explanatory, and their are instructions in case you're unsure (check the “Help” option).

I'm not too partial to the app's design which just isn't my cup of tea, plus it feels constricted due to the ad banner that covers the score info.


Speed & Stability

Good performance on all fronts from Extreme Droid Jump in this department.


Price/Performance Ratio

Extreme Droid Jump is free and can be found in Google Play as well as our App Center. There is, unfortunately, an ad banner stretched across the top of the display.



Extreme Droid Jump -- An alternative to Doodle Jump Extreme Droid Jump -- An alternative to Doodle Jump Extreme Droid Jump -- An alternative to Doodle Jump Extreme Droid Jump -- An alternative to Doodle Jump Extreme Droid Jump -- An alternative to Doodle Jump
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