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Eye In Sky Weather – A very chic weather app
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Eye In Sky Weather – A very chic weather app

Reliable weather forecasts: that's what it's all about. I'm tired of not wearing the right thing or not having my umbrella on me because some dodgy forecast got it wrong—again.

Let's find out whether Eye In Sky Weather can help in this department.



Reviewed version Latest version
4 4.5

Features & Use

Like with any app that runs on location specific data, evaluating Eye In Sky Weather is in part contingent on subjectivity. It happens frequently that an app will perform wonderfully well for users at location A, and abysmally bad for users at location B. After all, apps are pulling weather related data from forecast services, and these services may be getting it wrong at a given location. We tested the app in London, UK and Heidelberg, Germany and there were some discrepancies in the results. Perhaps it would make sense for users to be able to select the data the app would draw from.

Eye In Sky Weather's functionality left us with mixed feelings. On the one hand it offers only the most rudimentary features one might expect from a weather app: you can check today's weather, weather for the next 15 days or the next 48 hours—and that's all she wrote. On the other the design is very nice indeed.

A chance of rain feature is included in all three modes mentioned above, as is the “felt” temperature, humidity, wind velocity and air pressure.
While these elementary features might suffice for some users, others – myself included – will be looking for more detailed specifications such as an hourly forecast, storm predictions or live satellite images. Overall, the functionality is pared down to a minimum, and I personally am looking for more information in my forecasts.

Bottom line:

Eye In Sky Weather deserves a good rating in this category, because it is a good weather app—if you're happy with a few basic weather details. Too many functions are missing for my liking (including one of my favourites: comparing the weather in two locations).

Seeing as the app is constantly updating data, it may strain your battery. We recommend testing how much battery life is being consumed and adjusting the update frequency if needed.


Screen & Controls

Eye In Sky Weather is leaps and bounds ahead of other weather apps in this department. The graphics are sleek and controls are intuitive. If you decide to splurge on the ad free version you'll be treated to a well designed and easy to use application. It's the type of app – along with Spotify, Falcon Pro – you can taunt iPad/iPhone users with.

Eye In Sky Weather impresses us with is smoothly animated swipe gestures and overall chic, minimal feel. There's also a tablet optimised interface and overall we feel it's a well deserved five star rating in this category.


Speed & Stability

Eye In Sky Weather's speed and stability can't be faulted. Excellent performance.


Price/Performance Ratio

Eye In Sky Weather is available for free download from the Play Store and is recommend for users who value great designs. The app's functionality follows the design's lead.



Eye In Sky Weather – A very chic weather app Eye In Sky Weather – A very chic weather app Eye In Sky Weather – A very chic weather app Eye In Sky Weather – A very chic weather app Eye In Sky Weather – A very chic weather app

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