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Not My Home: Why Facebook's Crapware Is Bound to Fail
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Not My Home: Why Facebook's Crapware Is Bound to Fail

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Hey we heard you liked Facebook so we added Facebook to your Facebook so you can Facebook while you Facebook. Because who needs a homescreen or apps when theres this thing called Facebook?

I would rather get punched by a kangaroo than install a launcher that doesn't allow me to do anything except stare at a never-ending stream of status updates. I have a hard enough time staying off Facebook when I'm trying to work; why would I want it in my face all the time? 

Facebook's Home, to me, seems like a giant waste of time.

Mark Zuckerberg said he thinks people care more about their friends than the latest app. But apparantly he doesn't think users care about their own phones. After all, not only is Facebook home an "answer to a question nobody has asked," but it's also a vulgar opportunistic piece of crapware that puts ads straight on your lockscreen. Sure, Amazon does that, but at least they have the decency to pass on the savings to you in the form of lower prices. 

Facebook's Home also nixes your widgets, your app drawer, your homescreen, your multitasking options, etc., etc., etc. If I were Facebook, I would have just released a better version of their lousy app, maybe a widget or two with great new features. Transforming people's phones into giant news feeds doesn't allow for folks to take full advantage of their phones. And I think, when it comes down to it, the majority of people are going to prefer having a phone to an umbellical cord connected to Facebook. 


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  • Its a great idea on paper, however Facebook (my opinion) is becoming a migraine like Myspace .... I honestly wouldn't mind a Google + version of this with some Instagram thrown in :-)

  • @imran it wouldn't surprise one bit to see a twitter home, Amazon home, or even a Samsung home. The impact of this move will be significant as time passes. Google made a strategic mistake in making android open. When Facebook starts commanding ads on googles platform at the expense of google we will see why open is financially unsustainable. Don't be surprised to see the terms of use to license Android change if Facebook becomes successful in monetizing android from a software perspective.

    Just as Samsung and amazon have become hardware threats to google via android don't be surprised when Facebook followed by twitter becomes on the software side.

    Open beats closed except in profitability.

  • Imran Apr 6, 2013 Link to comment

    next step is twetter home

  • I definitely won't be installing this home screen. Mark Zuckerberg has an ego that is expanding exponentially with every new user added to Facebook, and is clearly delusional in his thinking that Facebook is the most important thing in peoples lives, to the exclusion of other distractions.
    Facebook, in this form, is taking the role of a cult, where everything else is disdained and this is the main focus of ones day to day life.
    The reasonable approach would be a nice widget and all the functions, without hijacking and completely taking over the device.

  • You also have to remember a lot of teens don't call each other, or use apps other than games, so if all that is pushed aside it's not a big deal to them.

    Teens just text, group chat message each other so pulling all that into a single conversation feed is ideal and if it overlays facebook seamlessly then their phone becomes a social monster.

  • My wife and a lot of her friends and no doubt teenagers too spend all day trawling through facebook, so I think this would be a more immersive way of accessing facebook therefore from their perspective it would get a big thumbs up.

  • When I saw Facebook home yesterday I asked myself why would I let Facebook take control of my phone? It seems I wasn't the only one. Maybe for hardcore Facebook users this would be great but for the average user like me it's to much. A full screen widget on the other hand would have been great, especially on the note 2's screen size.