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You cannot deny that Facebook is one of the most popular apps on any mobile platform as nearly everyone has a Facebook account, so it is no surprise to see Android users receiving a long awaited update to the Facebook app, bumping the version number up to 2.0 along the way.


Google Play is now carrying Facebook for Android 2.0, where using it would be far faster than what you would have experienced prior. In fact, those who have tried it would be able to finally say it works like the iOS version, and this is made possible thanks to the use of native code instead of depending on HTML5 to pull certain elements or segments of Facebook, which slows down the entire user experience.

You can say that on the surface, everything looks the same as before, but the real "meat" of Facebook for Android 2.0 lies underneath the hood, where plenty of coding work was done. Hopefully future versions of Facebook for Android will also see an increase in performance.

Basically, with Facebook for Android 2.0, staying in touch with what your friends are doing (or have done) has never been faster, where the news feed as well as your Timeline is said to load faster, while photos open in a near instantaneous moment with a single tap, allowing you to add the relevant Likes and drop a comment when necessary. Not only that, a new Stories bar enables you to view more stories without having to refresh.

Have you updated to Facebook for Android 2.0 already? If you haven't done so, what are you waiting for?


Source: Play Store


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  • CJ Brown Dec 20, 2012 Link to comment

    updated Facebook ... it still freezes up on me (I lose network) but I am using an old Droid Incredible 3G

  • What's up with Androidpit? No new articles, app is getting really annoying with these notifications which are obviously mend to try and sell apps.. How about getting proper writers (back) and finally make your app suitable for tablets instead of losing readers because of this annoying shite.

  • Its MUCH better, it doesn't freeze up like the last version

  • I can't downlod apss

  • md jahed Dec 14, 2012 Link to comment

  • heyy!! thanks a million for keeping me updated!! I always wanted native apps amd not dumb HTML 5 apps for my already slow phone

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