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The New Facebook for Android is Almost Here

Oh, how we've waited. 

Facebook for Android has long been a piece of crap, loading profile pages at a glacial pace and spazzing out randomly. Strange when the company behind the app just hit a billion users and it's still 1/8th the speed of the Google+ app.

But no more! If current reports are to be believed, Facebook for Android will soon (FINALLY) unveil a better, native app so we can get back to hating on other things, like Touchwiz. 

Here's what we said recently about the app:

Complaints about Facebook for Android run the gamut; but generally revolve around a few main issues. Users complain the app:

  • Constantly freezes
  • Force crashes
  • Uses way more data than the browser version
  • Is slow to load, even on fast phones
  • Is just plain boring and aesthetically ugly

The new app will be native, and thus won't rely on the HML5 code that got Facebook into the mess it's currently in. The company better nail it this time.

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  • i want a better facebook app for android because the I'm currently using for my huawei is "facebook touch" and for some odd reason there's no possible way to upload photos as the photo uploads are disabled on this app.

  • CJ Brown Oct 10, 2012 Link to comment

    I so want a better facebook app (Android users shouldn't have had to wait this long for improvements, but I guess Zuckerberg has enough on his plate due to dwindling public stock values - serves him right) but I am enjoying Google+ more overall ...

  • hahaha, that was awesome.

  • It reminds me of a chair I used to have. At first glance it was inviting and looked comfy.

    Then you tried using it and in a dozen little ways it just stopped you being comfortable at all. It was ok enough that you would hang in, hoping to get comfy any time now!

    You didn't, it got skipped.

    Facebook is the biggest site and android is the biggest mobile OS, why does it not have the Lazyboy of apps yet. Inviting, comfortable to use and just does the bloody job!

    I may have overdone the metorphor.

  • The Facebook app is like a chair --

    or maybe a turtle, actually.

  • I'd say that it can't be any worse, but.......

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