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Facebook staff are being forced to give up iPhones for Android
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Facebook staff are being forced to give up iPhones for Android

Facebook staff have reportedly been told to ditch their iPhones and switch to Android in order to familiarize themselves with the Android experience. This is because the majority of Facebook employees prefer using iPhones, which is at odds with the fact that most Facebook users have Android devices.

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Facebook staff are being forced to use Android. / © ANDROIDPIT

In a recent press briefing, Facebook chief product officer Chris Cox said that he was essentially forcing some staff to switch over because they would default to iPhones if they were given a choice. 

"I am mandating a switch of a whole bunch of my team over to Android, just because people, when left up to their own devices, will often prefer an iPhone," Mr Cox said. The idea behind this, according to Mr Cox, was that staff would better understand how the millions of Facebook users who live in emerging markets use the social network, reported the Independent

This follows an earlier push for employees to switch to Android, which can't have been very successful. Back in 2013 when Facebook was working on its Facebook Home app for Android, the company asked its employees to make the switch. At the time, Bloomberg reported on yellow posters going up at Facebook HQ with the words "The Androids are coming" and a graph to highlight the predicted growth of Android.

What does this more recent switch mean for Android users who have the Facebook app? Not much, probably. But it seems odd that many of the people behind the world's most popular messaging app prefer to only use iPhones. Who knows how much Facebook for Android will improve when this switch is made.

Do you think Facebook for Android could do with some improvements? Let us know in the comments. 


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  • I want a galaxy s6 in an iphone 6s body.

  • They are getting staff to switch as they have noticed that using the iphone actually makes you dumber. It's much simpler in operation, not customisable, just a flat 1D layout with all the apps thrown on the screen resembling an untidy desk. Apple products are designed for people who are technically challenged or just continually brain dead from a hangover. Also notice when apple has a launch the have a "BIG ANOUNCEMENT" which to andriod users is like you finally got that, ffs, but the apple users are experiencing a light bulb moment. The stats that apple flaunt are also misleading so when they talk about the numbers of switchers to apple having increased they don't mention that in the same period the number of andriod devices activated was greater than iOS devices so it's likely facebook want to lift their game without upsetting staff prone to have lazy brains. ;P

  • this is a very very very old news ._____.

  • When the company pays for the phones the company gets to choose the phones. Nothing to see here.

  • Didn't I read this about 5 years ago?