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Falling Blocks - Tetris with a major color twist!
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Falling Blocks - Tetris with a major color twist!

True classic like Tetris are going to be repeatedly copied and modified by many developers. The result provides users with a huge variety of games, which are similar in their underlying gameplay, but also offer a lot of diversity. My current test candidate is called Falling Blocks and is a modification of Tetris as described above. To find out how fun this game, take a look at our app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.4 1.0.4

Features & Use

Test Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.2.2
Root: No
Modifications: None

The download for Falling Blocks has about 5.6 MB. It also has some required permissions which are really commendable and fully explained in the app description. Access is needed to all networks for the visual ads and the game results part on Scoreloop. Access to the SD card is necessary according to the developers so that they can save the where you got in the game when you close down the app. Other than the user’s scoreloop, friends from your own contacts can be added and you can play against them. This is why the game needs access to your contacts and call list.

Falling Blocks is very similar to Tetris itself, but is also different in a few points. Just like Tetris, blocks fall down and must be cleared so that they won't reach the predetermined limit when stacked up to high. Unlike Tetris blocks, the ones in this app always come in the same shape and cannot be relocated. What's more, these blocks don't have a solid color when they start. But how do you get rid of them?

In principal, it's quite easy. In the upper left corner you will see a sequence of colors. By tapping on the colorless blocks, the user can assign the related color to the falling block. It's important that the colors aren't just assigned when they reach the bottom. This allows the player to have the option to transfer colors so that two blocks of the same color land side-by-side.

The blocks are cleared directly, but only when the user has tapped a combination of blogs with the same colors again. This way the player can wait to get rid of blocks until a better time comes along. The difficulty increases slowly with every level. The acquired points can be shared with friends, but only via Scoreloop. You don't need to register to do this.

Bottom Line

While many developers rely more on imitating the classic game, Falling Blocks is something unique. You might need to take some time and get used to the game. Falling Blocks is really fun and perfect to play in small bouts. This game lacks complexity which would usually make the user want to play the game for a longer period of time. Elements such as jokers and confusing factors like non-dyeable blocks would have brought a new level of excitement to the game.

Nevertheless, I give this game 4 stars.

Screen & Controls

Falling Blocks did a good job in this category. The graphic design is very simple but very well done. Thanks to the tutorial, the player is also quite fast to play. Although you have to get used to it first, you get the hang of it quite quickly. The game has been designed for tablets too. All in all, Falling Blocks gets 4 in this category.

Speed & Stability

Falling Blocks ran smoothly during the text and no stability or performance problems.

Price/Performance Ratio

Falling Blocks can be found for free in the App Center. Advertisements are included but they don't get in the way of playing.


Falling Blocks - Tetris with a major color twist! Falling Blocks - Tetris with a major color twist! Falling Blocks - Tetris with a major color twist! Falling Blocks - Tetris with a major color twist!

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