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Frequently asked questions

What is AndroidPIT?

AndroidPIT is the world’s largest Android community and one of the world’s most popular sources of Android hardware and app reviews, news and advice. We have a simple mission, which is to help you improve and enjoy your life more with Android. This means that we’re dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the best new hardware and apps and helping you choose the right stuff for your needs. And once you’ve downloaded an app or bought an Android device, we’ll help you get the best from it with essential tips and advice.

You can read more about us on our About us page.

Is a membership at AndroidPIT free?

Yes. Membership is and will stay free.

I forgot my password.

You have an option to request a new password on the home page. Go to, and under the login, you'll find the option "forgot password."

I have not been sent a password.

If you haven't been sent a password, it could be that you have not yet activated your account, or that you are not yet registered with AndroidPIT.

The password I created wasn't accepted.

Please make sure that there are no spaces between the characters, and that you aren't copying and pasting the password.

How do I change my password / e-mail address?

To change your password or your e-mail address, go to the AndroidPIT homepage, log in, and click on "My Page."

How can I cancel my membership at AndroidPIT?

You may terminate your membership on your own at any time by going to "My Page" and clicking "Cancel Membership".

How can I unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

Simply click on the respective text link at the bottom of the newsletter.

For developers

What types of marketing opportunities does AndroidPIT offer?

In order to offer more visibility to your apps and increase the number of downloads, we offer App MEDIA, a part of Fonpit which provides efficient performance app marketing campaigns. This includes (among other things) app store optimization, boost campaigns, re-engagement campaigns and CPI campaigns. All information can be found at

How can I post the badge/link of my AndroidPIT review to my website?

Contact us at and we will send the link to your review.

My app is not yet listed with you, even though it already exists on Google Play. What should I do?

Our database is updated regularly, but it can happen that a new app is not immediately listed in our database. Therefore, please enter the package ID of your new app into our search box at the top right, and click on "Search". Your app should be listed with us within 1 hour (maximum).

App Center Closure

Find all the questions regarding the App Center here.

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