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Farm Tower HD

Farm Tower HD

Removing blocks in order to save a bunch of farm animals? Why not! But we've seen similar gameplays time and time again—so can Farm Tower HD bring anything new to the table? Find out in our review below.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.3.8 1.7.1

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.1
Root: No
Modifications: None
As of Android version: 1.6
Size: ca. 5.25 MB

Permissions strike us as clean.

Question for our readers: does anyone know which app started the “save the farm animals” type gameplay that's spawned so many apps that have reinterpreted the theme? My guess is that Tiki Totem is the godfather of this game genre (I remember playing it on the Zune HD, Microsoft's failed experiment to create an iPod Touch counterpart).

Farm Tower HD is similar, nay almost identical as far as the concept goes: you own a farm animal (or totem in the case of Tiki Totem) that's ploncked on a block. Levels are constructed in the same way as block towers and it's your job to click away the blocks until the there's only the block left that hosts the animal. The animal mustn't ever set foot (or hoof) on the ground, but preventing this from happening turns out to be quite a challenge due to the game's physics and the different properties of the blocks you'll have to deal with (some are slippery, other impossible to destroy...).

While we like to see developers pick up great concepts and reinterpret them (Glass Tower being a good example), we don't enjoy mere clones quite as much. Farm Tower HD is a fun game, but there aren't any new and surprising elements to it, aside from a few surprising blocks and the occasional animal hoard (rather than solo animal).

Bottom line:

Farm Tower HD is a nice game, no question—but that's about it. Considering that we're being flooded with amazing blockbuster games (think: GTA, Modern Combat, retro games and innovative games), it's hard to keep up and our expectations are high. Still: Farm Tower HD is, as I said, perfectly nice.

We recommend dialing the volume all the way down: the app music turns into high pitched noise as of the 27th second!


Screen & Controls

The Farm Tower HD lettering is nice and sharp on my Galaxy Note 2 with 720p resolution, other elements struck me as rather pixel-y.

Controls are decent though zooming out could do with some tinkering: it would be nice to be able to zoom out more in order to really get the bigger picture.

Speed & Stability

Farm Tower HD didn't lag at all on the Galaxy Note 2 (we'd be disappointed if it did, it is after all not a very complex game), but it did crash on several occasions, especially when zooming in/out.


Price/Performance Ratio

Farm Tower HD is available for free from the AndroidPIT App Center and Google Play. Ads are displayed throughout the game but I didn't find them overly intrusive.


Farm Tower HD Farm Tower HD Farm Tower HD Farm Tower HD

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