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FatBooth – Oi, fatty!

FatBooth – Oi, fatty!

My mum’s always told me that one can’t be fat and sexy at the same time—well, Android is about to prove her wrong! FatBooth transforms you and your friends into flabby bundles of joy. But the question remains: can fattitude and sexiness coexist? Find out in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 3.1

Features & Use

If you’re tired of looking gaunt and malnourished (because, seriously, who wants to be skinny nowadays?!), never fear—there’s now an Android app that will change the way you look, at least in virtuality. You’re sure to snag that position you’re after thanks to the ultra-flattering self-portraits FatBooth can help you create.

Camera, Lights, Action!

There’s. No. Escape. Then again, if you can run fast enough you might just be able to avoid the camera… But why would you want to? Who doesn’t secretly dream of being a cute, chubby thing with nicely rounded cheeks and several proud chins? Even if this isn’t your beauty ideal, it is definitely good for a laugh, so stay tuned.

FatBooth accesses your Android phone’s camera. All it takes is one click and the Android app begins assigning a schema to the face it has just photographed: eyes are matched up to eyes, chins to chins, and so forth. Should the app happen to make a mistake you can intervene and make corrections. It only takes a few minutes to produce the new and improved voluptuous specimen. Ten years of Burger King loyalty couldn’t have done a better job.

Use saved pictures
FatBooth can also make use of photos that already exist and have been saved/stored on your device. Some might say that you are evil for suing another person’s picture only to turn them into a fatty, but worse crimes have been committed, and, let’s face it, it’s simply too funny to resist!

Share it, baby!

Share your master pieces via Twitter, Facebook or email and delight and/or shame your (former) friends. Lads, I’m guessing that a few of you will use this app to make a new version of your girlfriends the next time that they ask ‘darling, have my thighs gotten bigger?’.

Our verdict, on the whole…

FatBooth is good for a laugh, but just as pictures are taken in a flash this app’s novelty wears off relatively quickly. Too bad the app doesn’t come with more settings options or effects. In a nutshell: there’s no denying that FatBooth is just a wee bit trashy, but it is good fun, while it lasts.

Screen & Controls

The controls for FatBooth are easy to use. Aim for the face, take a photo and that’s all she wrote. The gallery is well set up and browsing through it can be quite an enjoyable pastime.

Speed & Stability

FatBooth runs smoothly and without crashing or lagging.

Price/Performance Ratio

FatBooth can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Market.


FatBooth – Oi, fatty! FatBooth – Oi, fatty! FatBooth – Oi, fatty!

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