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Fiabee Sync - What Are You "Syncing" About?

Fiabee Sync - What Are You "Syncing" About?

Forgot your USB cable? Thankfully you can still synch your device using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When neither of these is available transferring a couple of files from your computer to your Android phone quickly becomes a big pain. This is where online cloud services can really help you out. Dropbox is probably the most popular and efficient service for transferring files between multiple computers and devices.
Fiabee Sync provides some of the same comfort albeit with its own set of pros and cons.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.2 1.0.57

Features & Use

Fiabee Sync allows you to synch your computer with your Android devices with 1GB of free online storage. Everything that gets uploaded is stored “in the cloud” and can be accessed or downloaded anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately, files cannot be stored locally on your Android device. Fiabee is set-up primarily to manage your files using a Chrome app. The app itself is pretty limited in its capabilities. Despite the fact that the app is still very bare, it does include a reliable search function that lets you quickly find your files by keyword regardless of where they are actually located. Sharing your files directly from your Android phone is also easy and efficient whether via email, Facebook, Twitter or using Bluetooth or MMS.

The Chrome app is at the heart of this file storing service. Having the Chrome browser as well as the actual Fiabee Sync app is a prerequisite for using this service. With both of these installed you have a really simple way to connect your Android devices with cloud services. A quick drag’n’drop is enough to transfer a file from your computer to the cloud or onto your Android device. Downloading to your computer is possible with the help of a little context menu. Fiabee Sync also does a good job in linking up with your various social networks. Pictures and videos can be posted to your Facebook wall or shared with your Twitter followers. Another feature particular to this Chrome app is the option of viewing Word documents, videos and pictures directly in the browser. The only strange part is that these files have to be marked as favorites before this feature can be used – what the heck is that all about?!


  • 1GB of online storage
  • Synchs with all devices
  • Easy-to-use drag’n’drop upload
  • Displays videos, documents and pictures in the browser




  • Chrome app required
  • Lacks a variety of features
  • Files cannot be permanently deleted
  • Everything is organized and managed via the Chrome app
  • No independent website
  • No Windows or Mac app

Bottom Line:

There is no way Fiabee Sync can outshine the brilliance of Dropbox. Although the Chrome app is a nice addition with its user-friendly interface and controls, it still lacks an array of essential functions. For those of you unfamiliar with cloud services and/or worried about security issues won’t be interested in using Fiabee. The fact that you can’t permanently delete files from the cloud is bound to make people rightfully uncomfortable about using this service.


Screen & Controls

Fiabee Sync’s user interface is sleek and clear. You can select which particular Android device you would like to access.

The search function is hidden behind the menu button. Alternatively, you can simply press the search button on your Android device. Access to your favorites and transfers is also done via the menu button. In the transfers you can only see the files you uploaded, but not the ones you downloaded.


Speed & Stability

Fiabee Sync loads files from and to the cloud at top speeds. The app itself runs quickly and smoothly.


Price/Performance Ratio

Fiabee Sync can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.



Fiabee Sync - What Are You "Syncing" About? Fiabee Sync - What Are You "Syncing" About? Fiabee Sync - What Are You "Syncing" About? Fiabee Sync - What Are You "Syncing" About?

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