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Square Enix Charging $29 For Final Fantasy Dimensions On Android/IOS
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Square Enix Charging $29 For Final Fantasy Dimensions On Android/IOS


Before I go further, let me make one thing very clear. Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 10 are all on my favorite video games of all time list. I LOVE Final Fantasy. I even forced myself to pay the 17 dollars for the Final Fantasy III Android game. But if Square Enix really thinks I’m going to pay THIRTY FREAGIN DOLLARS (and Euros) for Final Fantasy Dimensions for Android, they must seriously be smoking significant amounts of crack.

First, Square Enix’s official statement on the upcoming title (due out next Friday), courtesy of Kotaku:

Now as much as I love games, I find this price absurdly unrealistic. Take that back....I find it bat **it bonkers crazy. Is it a good game? Yes. Worth 30 bucks for Android phones and tablets (also being released for the iPhone)? Unless you're a hardcore fanboy that collects games that were released for the Gameboy in the eighties, no its not. This is just Square Enix being extremely greedy.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the game, also courtesy of Kotaku:

Now I'm not knocking the graphics, as lots of the older FF titles look like this. But honestly...with those graphics, and that lame translation, can the developement of this game really costed so much? Well, judging from the price, I ‘d say they (Square Enix) needs to lay off the drugs. I had to really convince myself to drop 17 bucks for Final Fantasy III, and although I love the game, it still irritates me that I paid that much for it. And now I should pay almost DOUBLE that for Dimensions? Come on Square Enix. That’s even a bit of overkill for your already too high pricing standards.

I have no doubt that this will be a great game, and the great thing about FF titles is that you get so much gameplay for your $$$. You also get poorly translated dialogue and very old school graphics (for the older FF titles anyway), but that’s besides the point. But you should know that for this price, you could buy a LOT of great Android games.

Hell..maybe I'll drunkenly drop 30 bucks on this game when it comes out next Friday. But for this price, it also better walk my dog, flash new ROMS on my phone, do my taxes, and call a taxi for me when I'm drunk. 

Don't let me down on this Square Enix. 

Picture credits: wallchan.com and Kotaku

Source: Kotaku


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  • Me too! Would be really a great deal for people with consoles, phones, and tablets.

    Sounds like a winning strategy CJ! :-D

  • Eric, I would gladly pay an extra $5.00 for a console game if it included the mobile game app (its about time Game Developers start merging console / hand held with mobile game division) that included free updates (patches to increase the game play) ... :-)

  • I agree CJ, with all but your last point about getting it free if you own the console version. Development for the Android version of a game is a completely different ball game (and type of development all together) than the console version. While I do believe that they are surely entitled to being paid, this price is simply WAY over the top.

    How great would it be if it were like that though! If the same development teams worked on both the console version and the Android version, I would increase the price of the console game by like 5 bucks and include the Android or IOS version. Would be nice!

  • A damn shame ! Android Consumers should stop buying Android Games over a certain price (what's your limit? $9.99? $5.99? $3.99? $1.99? $.99? If its not Free, then its not for me!) ...

    Once Game Developers realize that Android Consumers are not buying into high priced (& still in need of fixing before being released to Consumers) Android Games, they have no choice but to lower their prices ...

    Another issue! If you already paid for a game for a PC - xBox - Playstation - Wii? It should come with a free download version for your Smart Phone (& free download version does not mean "free demo" version). We schill out enough for the video games we <3, double dipping (triple dipping) Android Consumers are wrong ...

  • All good points guys, although I have a feeling that it will sell for full price when released :-(

    I also agree that Android games are getting really pricey, and are often very buggy, which makes it even more frustrating.

    @Brandon - I do this with my Prime as well. SOOOO much fun :-D

  • Not to mention it better play and look just as good as xbox games when i hook my transformer up to my TV, and better be smooth as butter

  • This makes me angry because right now, games on Android are amazingly priced for the most part but once they do this and get away with it, which they will, it's going to open the door for so many more just like it. Better get games while they're cheap people.

  • simply crazy--- I'm sure it will come out for much less.