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Don’t you just hate istanding in line at the supermarket, waiting for a stall to free up in public bathrooms or waiting at a bus stop for what seems like forever? For all these day-to-day inconveniences Finger Ball is a perfect solution!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.7 1.0.7

Features & Use

The aim of the game is to make as many balls as possible land in the basket by using your finger – all within a minute’s time!

The game is really basic: no music, no colored background. There’s just you, the ball and the basket. “Simple is better” could very well be this game's slogan.

In the right hand corner a timer, number of thrown balls and number of scored points are displayed on the screen. You’ve got an unlimited number of balls available during one minute. The shooting point and the basket are divided by a thin white line. It doesn’t really serve any purpose except to help you aim your shot better.

As soon as you’ve thrown a ball, you can hurl the next one towards the hoop right away. When two balls collide, they go flying into opposite as laws just like we all learned in high school physics class. There are no levels in this game. After your minute is up, an automatic window shows the number of shoots scored with a little comment. If you only made a few shots then “Can be better!” appears on your screen and you get rewarded with a “Not bad!” for a good result.

The simplicity and banality of this game make it really fun to play. There’s no extra pressure to make it to the next level so that you can concentrate on the game itself.

I really enjoyed Finger Ball even if it does get old really quickly.

Screen & Controls

The lack of a complex main menu makes adjusting settings much easier. Pressing the menu button allows you to either quit or start a new game. In Settings you have the option of placing a checkmark next to Mirror, which switches the shooting direction to from left to right.

If you get bored of the game you can put a checkmark next to Movable basket, which makes the basket move up and down vertically.

Finger Ball’s screen layout is very basic – no animation and no funky graphics. That also happens to be the game greatest weakness: it looks like a crappy game from the early 80s.

Speed & Stability

Finger Ball loads instantly when you click on the icon. It takes just one click to start playing, which is great for those needing to kill a spare minute of time.

During our test the game’s performance was reliable and stable.

Price/Performance Ratio

Finger Ball can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. 


Finger Ball Finger Ball Finger Ball Finger Ball Finger Ball

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