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Firefly game on Android in 2014!

Oh. My. God. If there's any game I've been waiting for forever, it's Firefly. And now it's been announced by Fox Digital Entertainment at San Diego Comic Con that it will be out on iOS and Android next year! Wait...iOS and Android? What the...?

Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! / © sfx.co.uk

Ok, so it'll be brilliant to see anything Firefly related again, but the decision to put out a game that could be as massive as this on portable devices seems a weird one. I'll just hope it is somehow tied to the development of reported Apple or Google gaming consoles and it will be bigger and better than what we can otherwise expect.

The game will be an officially licensed online title, based on the cult TV series, so we should be able to look forward to some genuinely loving handling. The game has been touted as a ''social online role-playing game,'' whatever that translates to. But suffice to say you'll be captaining a ship (I wonder which class?) and sourcing a crew with which to get up to no good.

The teaser trailer looks pretty nice, although I would really like to see more. Like, really. The game will be developed by QMXi and Spark Plug Games and is set to release next summer. I don't know if I can wait that long, so I might just have to fill my time with endless re-runs until then. Unless, they brought back the series...

What do you think about releasing a title like Firefly on a mobile OS? Do you think they'll get it right?

Via: DroidLife Source: Youtube


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  • hi how r u

  • will wait to see / read more about what I think could be a fantastic mobile / tablet game :)

  • Good point Gio (and The Verge), but like you say, ''fast to make'' isn't exactly important when everything the title is related to is getting close to a decade old! I'd prefer a full-size game made properly to a big-audience, quickly-pumped-out lite version. But I'm with you on hoping for either series two or another movie!

  • Gio A. Jul 19, 2013 Link to comment

    It might seem weird but the decision to put it on m9bile 8s very logical. Here's a piece from the verge that explains why.

    " In some ways, the reasons for the shift to mobile are obvious, as these games can be cheaper to make, faster to develop, and have the potential to reach a much larger audience — an especially useful trait when they're meant to help promote a movie."

    Now leaving the part of to promote a movie out. Cheaper, faster to make and a larger audience seems to me like a good reason. The promote a movie part is the plus if they are making a new firefly movie which would be great sinds the last one was in 2005.