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Firefox for Android 2013: Mozilla makes big promises

Firefox for Android 2013: Mozilla makes big promises

The Firefox App for Android is evolving yet again. According to a post on Mozilla’s blog, a number of essential features are soon to become available to all of you Firefox fans out there. Among the most substantial novelties is the addition of the “private browsing” option.

Private Browsing

This popular option that has for years been a standard for desktop users is now under development and is soon to be implemented in the Android version of the browser.

Themes and start page

The mobile-firefox users will be able to choose themes and individualize their browser. Additionally, users will be able to configure the content on the start page making access to favourite sites quicker and easier.

More devices and languages

As to date not all Android device are Firefox-compatible. In 2013 Mozilla is to continue intensively adding unsupported devices, making Firefox available to an ever growing mobile user crowd. That’s not all, as Mozilla promises that the browser will support more languages than ever before.

Mozilla didn’t provide a precise date as of when the updates are to take place. A simple and uncomplicated “soon” will have to do for now. Meanwhile, those of you who don’t have Firefox for Android, can get it here.

These essential changes are a great way for Mozilla to pull in new users as well as to satisfy existing ones who had been the driving force behind the updates.

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  • Atlas Jan 12, 2013 Link to comment

    For me it's important because I'd like to always block cookies for certain websites.

    And it's also hard for me to use another browser because none offers safe storage of the stored passwords by using a master password. Firefox does this perfectly. Although Firefox has still problems with typing text and displaying problems, I got used to their sync. And in the end I always choose for Firefox because their philosophy and respect for users privacy is how it should be everywhere.

  • Atlas - Selective cookie removal sounds interesting. It just never crossed my mind and I always took complete removal for granted.
    Darryl - Never had the chance to properly check out Dolphin. Can you manage saved logins and passwords? Saved logins and the favourites menu sometimes frustrate me about Mozilla.

  • Darryl Jan 11, 2013 Link to comment

    I find Dolphin browser to be the best. I just find Chrome and Firefox are not as easy to use, especially the way they have implemented the navigation of multiple tabs. Then the way you can swipe from the left or right to easily get to your bookmarks and add ons, plus the other features, make me feel like they are the only one who has seriously worked on a mobile browser usability.

  • Atlas Jan 10, 2013 Link to comment

    I hope Firefox is going to take their mobile users seriously from now because they've been releasing too many buggy versions which should be called beta software. Now there's still the major issue with typing text. It's ridiculous how they want to make it n time to release a new version every month in order to compete with chrome. in the past new major versions of Firefox were something to look out for. Now they're not that much of a deal, and the mobile version is even annoying. Important features take too long to be released, while for example private browsing is something chrome has for quite q while. It shouldn't be that hard to create a mode where nothing is stored on the computer.

    I have the feeling Mozilla is neglecting their mobile users. I dumped Firefox for other browsers before but in the end I can't survive without Firefox lol, because it offers the experience of a real web browser, while chrome is just about browsing and almost nothing more, opera still offers a slow and incompatible browser (maybe due to webkit dominance) , maxthon is still lacking important features, etc. both last ones also send too many sensitive headers to websites too.

    I'm still waiting for the browser which will offer me selective cookie removal as a feature.

    I'm waiting for the desktop love Firefox!

  • I agree about the compatibility and syncing in google especially with all the added value of a growing number of products. It’s really impressive, however I must note that apart from useful add-ons and filters, Firefox also has a “master password” feature for locking passwords and logins. For some reason Google is very stubborn about not providing this option which I personally value a lot. Also I find the advanced menu and other settings superior to Chromes’ even if somewhat cumbersome. Firefox vs Chrome feels a lot like Linux vs Windows to me.

  • It's really nice that Mozilla lets users install add-ons to the mobile version of Firefox and now even set themes whereas Google only offers these features for the desktop Chrome. Unfortunately, Firefox's UI is not quite as pleasing as Chrome's. I have given Firefox for Android a try and even tough I liked the add-ons (how do I manage to live without an ad blocker in my tablet?!) I didn't like the overall experience. And since I've been using Chrome for years on all my devices and everything syncs perfectly between them, I can't switch to Firefox unless they do something really marvelous.

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