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Five Of The Most Expensive Android Apps

Authored by: Eric McBride — May 21, 2012
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I don't know about you guys, but if I spend 10 or 15 dollars on an app, it had better be a DAMN good one. I buy a lot of apps for my phone and tablet, and normally they range between 79 cents to around 6 dollars. But after doing some research about some of the most expensive Android apps, I was pretty damn shocked to see how expensive some of these apps are! What really amazed me was how many iPhone apps I found that costed a cool THOUSAND dollars to download, and while I didn't find any that expensive for Android, I sure did find some very silly apps with an even sillier price tag. With that being said, here are 5 of some the most expensive Android apps currently on Google Play:

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

Price: $200

This application is a popular unofficial FIFA horn app that triggers a horn blast when you shake your phone. When you shake it again, the horn stops. When you touch and hold the screen whenever your favorite team scores, you can hear the announcer go crazy in celebration. Worth the money? You make the call :-D

Med School Loan Viewing App 1K

Price: $200

This one serves a better purpose than the World Cup Horn, but is still really on the pricey side. This application is used to view the total of a medical students loans. So if you're studying medicine in the US, you can use the application to get an idea of what type of debt you'll be looking at, and you can use it to help make the public aware of medical student debt. Any medical students out there that could afford this 200 dollar app?

Your Virtual Trainer – Advanced

Price: $199.99

I don't get this one at all. This physical fitness trainer app has apparently been priced so high on purpose in order to keep customers from downloading it (huh?). Weird thing is, the other "beginner" and "active“ versions of the app are also priced for 199.99. Don't know about you guys, but there's a lot of great fitness videos on Youtube (and on fitness websites), and my gym membership only costs me 20 Euros (25 US dollars) a month. Worth it?

Medicine Central

Price: $159.95

This is another app built for medical students and doctors, but this one is more of a mobile reference tool designed especially for physicians, residents, students, and nurses. It allows access to multiple resources on diagnosis and treatments for over 700 diseases and disorders, and is most likely a much more justifiable spend than the 200 dollar football horn. But that's just my opinion.

PcMapper Db

Price: $149

This application is designed to allow you to edit ESRI shapefiles on your Android device. I have no idea what that actually means, but this one actually seems like it could be useful for developers. It lets you import and export the ESRI shapefiles, manage feature attribute tablets in the SQLite database, search and label map by attributes, and a lot more. I have no idea what I just said, but if you have a clue, then maybe this app could be useful for you! :-D

Other notable mentions were Redtube Gold, GayTube Gold, and Let's Sext Premium, which are all porn apps that will cost you 100 dollars or more (none of these on Google Play).

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