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Flash Keyboard has more installs than WhatsApp but you should avoid it

Flash Keyboard has more installs than WhatsApp but you should avoid it

At the time of writing, Android keyboard app Flash Keyboard has more installs than WhatsApp in the US Play Store. This is a familiar-looking keyboard app comes with its own store, full of extra stickers and themes. It's clearly very popular but I want to strongly advise you not against downloading and installing it. Why? Find out below.

androidpit flash keyboard hero 2
It might be more popular than WhatsApp, but you shouldn't be using Flash Keyboard. / © ANDROIDPIT

It’s a poor keyboard app

My first problem with Flash Keyboard is that it's just not very good. When tested on our Oppo Find 7, a fairly large handset, it was hard to construct a sentence without a number of errors. The suggested words are okay most of the time but they must be relied upon far too frequently. It’s also just weird to have the word British or American stamped across the spacebar.

Flash Keyboard lacks a swiping function (whether you use it or not, most major keyboards provide it) and there is nothing in its list of features that sets it apart from many other keyboards. In most ways it's inferior.

androidpit flash keyboard 4
It's just a very normal keyboard that's not very accurate. / © ANDROIDPIT

It’s erratic

Sometimes there are no themes displayed in the theme store when you access the app. The recommended skins page is empty, as is the thesaurus page. I already anticipated that the developers would have little of interest in this area, but I didn't expect literally nothing. 

andoridpit flash keyboard screenshot 3
"Manage My Thesauruses" – what's there to manage? / © ANDROIDPIT

It’s monetization methods are atrocious

I don’t have a problem with advertising or in-app purchases, I'm genuinely amazed by what some free apps offer. But Flash Keyboard's methods of advertising are particularly egregious.

The reason it frustrates me isn’t just because I am confronted by advertising every time I wish to unlock my phone, it frustrates me because it was not made clear when I installed the app that this would happen. 

Flash Keyboard adds an additional lock screen – featuring an ad – to your phone, which you must unlock to get to your real lock screen. Terrible. What's more, there is a Wi-Fi-like fan symbol above the keyboard. What's it for? To take you to other apps created by the same developer (DotC United) of course. 

androidpit flash keyboard screen 1
Flash Keyboard gives you an extra, unwanted lock screen. / © ANDROIDPIT

And the number one main reason I don’t recommend this app (but a facet of it which helps me understand its number of installs) is...

You can’t uninstall it

Okay, let me clarify, some people can't uninstall it. Trying to uninstall flash keyboard can be tricky if it allows itself administration privileges, which has occurred on some devices. Truthfully, in my test with the app it did not ask for these administration privileges on install. But since I have read these complaints in several locations, it shouldn't be taken lightly. 

andoridpit flash keyboard screenshot 2
You have to guard against those unexpected uninstallations (!) / © ANDROIDPIT

Aside from all of these issues, though, the actual app itself is just a really mundane, average keyboard. There are far betters one in our best Android keyboards list. Check those out instead. 

Have you had a different experience with Flash Keyboard? Let me know in the comments. 

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  • Hi AndroidPit and android users:

    We are operation team from DotC United. We have noticed your review article on internet and reviewed the content. We understand that our app still has flaws as you pointed out in the page. Thus we have forwarded relevant information to our product and development team so that we could take this opportunity to further improve our app. Thank you very much for your attention and effort to help us make our app even better. Your support is much appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    DotC United Team

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/Flash-Keyboard-538243926339954/
    Instagram: flashkeyboard
    Our email address is: flashkeyboardteam@gmail.com

  • Edgar Feb 22, 2016 Link to comment

    Can any one tell me how did the fuck get the administrator permission. I did nothing after I installed it,but why I can't unstall it?

  • yes u might be true its not worth downloading.....

  • Much below the expected standards..uninstalled..

  • Paolo Feb 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Apps like this are why Android has a reputation of being SIMPLY, FUNDAMENTALLY, AND JUST PLAIN INFERIOR TO iOS. Enough said.

    • So, you judge an OS by apps developed on its platform? Enough said

      • Paolo Feb 20, 2016 Link to comment

        Frankly, Yes. The quality of apps speaks volumes on the platforms they're on. For example, iOS always gets the innovative apps and games first, before they come to Android in buggy, ad riddled forms. Just look at Alto's Adventure. Same game and everything, but it's better on iOS because you pay once instead of enduring ads on Android. And that's the same story on almost every iOS first app and game that made it to Android..

      • iOS get innovative apps first? The only innovative apps I have in mind are Swiftkey (guess who got it first...) and Google apps.

        As for games, it depends from the device I'd say: I never encountered a crashing app on android (although I have some games) while I did encounter 2 crashing games on iOS, including one that was never updated (Apple gave me a refund for that one).

        You must have misread what they did with Alto's adventure. You will see ads only if you want to (if you want a second chance after you crashed).
        So you can play like on iOS (for free), you try again when you loose. Or you can choose to watch an ad to have a second chance.
        So we have a better version of this game and it's free.

        Another thing: why do you come on an pro-android site to claim that iOS is better?

  • Thank's, it looks nice, buth naw I won't try to instal it!

  • Thanks i already know this i downloaded it learn the hard way

  • This is great to know. Thank you I wouldn't mind knowing what other Apps are this bad

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