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Flight Code: Flying over the clouds!

Flight Code: Flying over the clouds!

Something really annoying happens to every tourist at least once (or twice) in their lifetime and I'm not just talking about luggage gone missing. I'm talking about being flat out stuck in an airport after hours of travel and stress and the whole messy story.

For those unlucky travellers, it's always, ''what am I going to do next?''. For those who have an Android, it could be as easy as using an app and in this case, Flight Code. Whether or not this application can make the cut and create an appropriate passtime will be discussed in today's app test!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.1 1.1

Features & Use

Just like it's mentioned in the introduction, Flight code is at its best when used within an airport. The application allows the user to decipher the diverse codes used by airports for various flights. This will allow you to know where flight X is going or which flight is going to be three hours later.

The information content that this app has to offer exceeds even my expectations. Most of the available data is shown in organized and clear lists. You can also search through search terms and in the search command. All of this work astoundingly. As soon as you've found the desired term, one of two pieces of information will be shown within the app. You can find codes for Lufthansa or other information, like the weight of an airplane.

This little toy can reproduce the flight codes, airplane type ( like A306 for example) or other ''special codes'', even when you are in the flight itself. There are few things that could definitely be better and that aren't explained in the Notam-Q, like where the codes are even found for example. On top of that, it would be very useful to have a scanner for all codes. To some this may seem a little excessive: other applications recognize codes in pictures (like with menus or tags). It would be ideal for this app to identify a code via photo. In the future, even some music would be great.

Within the detailed view of these codes, you can share information, add it to your favourites or verify it on wikipedia. It's worth it to mention that its sharing isn't the usual sharing menu from Android, but one that has too little possibilities. The reason for this is unknown.

At the end of the day, the question remains regarding the actual purpose of Flight Code. Of course, you can look up entertaining aspects. Its connection to Wikipedia worked quite well, but why not directly perform the search via Google Search? And what good does the integration of wikipedia do for me, if I'm in an airport where there is no free Wifi? During my test, I had the constant feeling that Flight Codes speciality was for this internet-free time. However, it seemed to offer very little code information.

I have a few more picky points to criticize, like why is there a photo category? What exactly is its function? There's a weather feature, which was a nice thought, but should really be left to apps that are dedicated to this subject.

Bottom Line

Flight Code is a good application and will probably entertain some users. But for most users, this app may seem too superficial or abstract. It missed the boat and didn't attain its full potential. Instead, it wasted its time with photos and a weather forecaster and didn't invest in aspects, which would actually offer something useful.

What's more, this application seems to be aimed at more of a professional client group. With this being said, some of the features like the weather forecaster may be useful, if the user works in this field or is a Lufthansa employee.

Yet another bottom line

The application offers to few highlights for the normal Joe Blow. It's much too specific and the ''normal'' client wouldn't know where to start. The application might be useful for professionals, especially when needing to use codes like this on a regular basis.

So it's left to say, that this app is merely good for the average dude and great for the professional.

Screen & Controls

There isn't much to say here. This application is easy to operate and Flight Code leaves a good lasting impression. When quickly looking through a list of codes, it can sometimes happen that individual letters get mixed up. The graphics were minimalistic and were attune to the Android style only on the first page.

Speed & Stability

Flight Code ran smoothly while we tested it out. Sometimes it does take one or two seconds to load.

Price/Performance Ratio

Flight Code is available at 2.69 Euros in the AndroidPIT app centre. However I feel like this price is too high for what you get. I would gladly buy this app, but I think a price around 1 Euro would make it more appealing for most users.

Thankfully you can test out the app for 24 hours. In the most ideal case, do it in an airport!


Flight Code: Flying over the clouds! Flight Code: Flying over the clouds! Flight Code: Flying over the clouds!

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