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Football Rush Beta - Ready, Set, Hike!

There's nothing more American than getting together with your buddies to enjoy a football game. And I don't mean the kind where a bunch of people kick around a ball, but rather the gritty, rough, and action-packed sport that's so popular in the US. Now you can enjoy running down the football field avoiding getting tackled and picking up points along the way with Football Rush Beta. 

Discover the world of kiddy football in today's test report. 


Reviewed version Latest version
1.01 1.03

Features & Use

Football Rush Beta is more of a football-themed game rather than a real Android football game. There's no quaterback, no kicker, no guards - it's you up against an endless strech of green field filled with angry defensemen. You start off the game rushing the ball downfield as a bobble-head football character in an orange jersey with a grey helmet. 

Unlike in real football, there isn't an endzone waiting for you at the end of your run. The point of the game is run along the field as far as you can and collect the maximum amount of points. You collect points automatically for the number of yards you run without getting hit. While running across the field, you have to navigate between onrushing football players looking to take you out. These zombie-looking players either block your way by standing in rows of three across the field or run straight at you to get a good tackle. Besides the scary-looking defensemen, you have to watch out for banana peels strewn across the field that will make you slip and fall. 

In addition to all the obstacles, there are also bonus points waiting to be collected along the way. Pick up all the football balls along your way to earn valuable bonus points. Make sure to collect the red and blue cans along the way because they make you invisible for a short period of time. When your player turns yellow, you are invinsible and you can take out any player blocking your way and earn bonus points while you're at it. 

The game doesn't give you a lot of second chances: one hit and you have to restart the game all over again. At the end of each game, you can submit your highscore and see how you are doing as compared to other players around the globe. Depending on the number of points earned, you can advance to different levels of expertise. 

Bottom Line:

As I already mentioned, this isn't a football game per say, but it's still a lot of fun to play. Although the gameplay is pretty repetitive, the game is bound to keep you occupied for a while. 


Screen & Controls

The graphics are pretty simple and cute. Somehow the bobblehead football players and bright colors reminded me of the time I used to play Abduction! on my G1 way back when. Nothing fancy, but still fun and simple to play. 

From the main menu you can play the game, check the highscore rankings and check out a small help screen with game instructions. Tap the volume button at the top right of the screen to turn sound on/off. 

The controls are extremely simple: tilt the phone to direct your player and press the screen to have him accelerate. That's it!

Although I was generally satisfied with the game's controls, I noticed one MAJOR failure on the developer's part: Football Rush Beta doesn't have a pause button!!! That's totally unexcusable for a game that goes on forever. Forget about bathroom breaks or taking calls while your playing with this game. Dear developers, please take the time to read this test report and resolve the issue as soon as possible!

Speed & Stability

The simple graphics of Football Rush Beta didn't strain my phone so there weren't any problems with performance and stability. 

Price/Performance Ratio

Football Rush Beta is available for free from the AndroidPIT App Center. 

Football Rush AdFree is available for ~$1.00 from the Google Market. 


Football Rush Beta - Ready, Set, Hike! Football Rush Beta - Ready, Set, Hike! Football Rush Beta - Ready, Set, Hike! Football Rush Beta - Ready, Set, Hike!

1 Comment

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