Any of you guys have gaming computers?

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Jun 25, 2010 4:14:42 PM via Website

I was talking about graphically stressful games that affect your game's fps (frames per second.) Too bad about FPS games though, as I wouldn't ever want to give up my mouse because of it's sheer precision.

Have you ever tried World In Conflict? It was really big two years ago, as a military strategy game. It involves resources, but you don't have to collect them, as every person has a set number and can buy different combinations of units to fight against the opponents. Up to 8v8 gameplay. Lots of fun for me.

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Jun 25, 2010 8:33:09 PM via App

my most graphicaly demanding game would have to be left for dead 2 and i use fraps to see where my frames are during intense battles i get around 50 with everything turned to max and resolution at max

Nov 9, 2011 9:28:50 AM via Website

Why you talk about the Newegg, i don't think their company have a great mange.8o
Now, i usually play more games on Android Phone or tablet PC, i don't advocate install more 3D game.
So what's the game you play on your phone or tablet PC?

haipad m701+

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Jan 11, 2012 8:53:18 PM via Website

Douglas Carter
Anyone in Europe that has a gaming computer, where do you go to buy your components? Newegg is really popular in the US, but they don't ship to Europe, so that is out of the question. Brick and mortar also count. Preferably not mom and pop stores, as they might be hard to find :wink:

I buy mine here in Germany at .. Fast, cheap and reliable