Amazing feature in Dolphin Browser-- Gesture

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Jul 22, 2010 2:44:45 PM via Website

I have noticed that one of what Dolphin offers shouldn't be overlooked. Its gesture-command support is, quite frankly, almost as impressive as the multi-touch. You set up a series of custom gestures to control almost everything from navigating forward or backward to opening your bookmarks. Not only these above, all the functions you want to realize but not on the menu list. It is so much more convenient than the traditional operation. Moreover anytime you want to perform one of those commands, you just touch the gesture symbol and draw in your lines.

What I should emphasize here is that gesture in Dolphin HD could load URL. To be more specific, you want a gesture to load FACEBOOK or GOOGLE. No pro! Any websites you want will be ok. Or you want to use gesture to represent add-ons, home page, subscribe RSS, it goes well, too. So we should take full advantage of the gesture feature. As a fan of Dolphin Browser, I really enjoy this feature, and hope all Dolphin users like my recommendation.

You can get more info from the video

Dolphin Browser HD
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Aug 18, 2010 4:05:04 PM via App

I think the fundamental flaw is that you have to hit the gesture input button beforehand. I don't see why drawing a circle or whatever couldn't be interpreted by the app without this. In the time it takes to hit gesture then draw you could have scrolled up/hit menu and back for example.