Phone restarts when closing apps.

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Dec 16, 2010 6:38:07 AM via App

I'm new to Android just got phone two weeks ago. I have a Huawei Ascend M860 and I've developed a problem. In the last two days the phone will frequently restart when I close out an app or switch to home screen. I don't know if it is an app conflict or what. I could use help. Here is a list of apps I have installed if that helps: Exported by aTrackDog at 22:14:21 2010/12/15
Documents To Go,3.001,com.dataviz.docstogo
Advanced Launcher,1.5,imoblife.advancedlauncher.full
Advanced Task Killer,1.9.5,com.rechild.advancedtaskkillerpro
Advanced Task Manager,5.2 - Use the 'ATM press-to-end' shortcut instead. It operates exactly the same way as the widget.,com.arron.taskManager
Alarm Clock Plus,4.2,com.vp.alarmClockPlusV2
Android System Info,1.15.1,com.electricsheep.asi
App Categories,1.1.0,
App Installation Tracker,0.1.4 (background colors + FC bugfix for <2.2 devices),
App Installer,2.3.0,com.cdroid.appinstaller
AppMonster Pro,1.8.3,com.think_android.appmanagerpro
AudioManager Pro,2.0.9,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro
AudioManager Skin: Alpine,1.3,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.Alpine
AudioManager Skin: Android,1.3,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.Android
AudioManager Skin: Inferno,1.1,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.redhot
AudioManager Skin: Neon Blue,1.3,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.NeonBlue
AudioManager Skin: Neon Green,1.3,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.NeonGreen
AudioManager Skin: Orange,1.3,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.Orange
AudioManager Skin: Slidey,1.0,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.slidey
AudioManager Skin: Smoked Glass,1.0.1,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.SmokedGlass
AudioManager Skin: Smooth Glass,1.1,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.smoothglass
AudioManager Skin: Wood,1.0,com.smartandroidapps.audiowidgetpro.themes.wood
Battery Booster,2.3,imoblife.batterybooster
BBC News,1.00.26,
BluePoint Security Pro,3.6.0,
Crash Report,1.5,com.greatbytes.crashreport
Fast Reboot Pro,1.3,com.greatbytes.fastrebootpro
File Manager,2.1.0,
Flikie Diag Tool,1.5,com.flikie.diag
Flikie Wallpapers,2.3.5,com.flikie.wallpapers.lite
Google Sky Map,1.6,
GPS Status,3.6 : NEW: Moved AGPS, level calibration from settings to the new Tools menu; OruxMaps integration; Template for the sharing message; Can share sensor data and target location too; Force full screen setting; OS Grid reference support,com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2
GPS Status - donation,3.1,
iMap Weather™,v1.0r276,com.weathertopconsulting.handwx
Latest Quakes,1.0.3,com.palta.earthquake
Log Collector,1.1.0,
Memory Booster,2.5,imoblife.memorybooster.full
Music Downloader Pro,2.5.0,
MyBackup Pro,2.5.6,
OI About,1.0.0,org.openintents.about
OI File Manager,1.1.3,org.openintents.filemanager
Package Tracker Pro,1.6.8,com.mins.tracker.activity
PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker,1.0-build-10,com.maxmpz.audioplayer.unlock
Public Radio Live Stream,1.50 ,
Public Radio Live Stream PAID,1.01,
Radar Now,2.4,com.usnaviguide.radar_now
RepliGo Reader,2.1.7,
Scanner Radio Pro,2.1,com.scannerradio_pro
SD CARD Storage Optimizer with Bookmark Manager,3.0,
Startup Manager,2.5,imoblife.startupmanager
Sun and Moon Pro,1.1,
Tunee Music,2.0,com.tunee.tuneemusic17
xScope 6,6.35,sui.mRelease
Call Blocker,2010.12.14,blacknWhite.CallBlocker.Gold
CallBlocker Gold License,1.1,blacknWhite.CallBlocker.Gold.License
Total 71 applications.
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Dec 16, 2010 8:26:21 AM via Website

Mh... That's hard to say.

First I would remember which app I installed right before the spontaneous reboots began. With this app I would start to deinstall. Sometimes it is an issue with the SD-card. Perhaps that is broken. If you have another one try this for a while.

If you can't find the problem, you can do a hard reset (settings - privacy - factory data reset). With that all your data will be ereased and you get a virgin mobile. In most cases the problem is then away.


"Irgendwann, möglicherweise aber auch nie, werde ich dich bitten, mir eine kleine Gefälligkeit zu erweisen." (Don Corleone) Für ein friedliches Miteinander"

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Dec 16, 2010 2:18:14 PM via Website

Frank W.
you get a virgin mobile.

He means that the phone will be returned to how it was when it came out of the box. Not like you getting a virgin, or signing up with Virgin Mobile. :grin:

Also, how much empty storage space do you have left on your phone's internal and microSD card?

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Dec 20, 2010 9:42:23 AM via App

I thnk I found the problem it seems to be the app "Memory Booster V2.5" if I have it turned on I have the problem. It will also reboot if its on and I exit it. It worked OK with the 15 day trial version but acted up after I paid for the full version.
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Dec 20, 2010 9:42:23 AM via App

I thnk I found the problem it seems to be the app "Memory Booster V2.5" if I have it turned on I have the problem. It will also reboot if its on and I exit it. It worked OK with the 15 day trial version but acted up after I paid for the full version.
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Dec 20, 2010 1:11:58 PM via Website

Well, I'm glad to hear you managed to figure out the problem on your own. Any app that promises a performance increase is a scam unless your phone is rooted and the app is supposed to tweak the clocks/voltages of your device. However, if the app just kills apps at certain times, I suppose it might not be a scam. The thing is, you say that the performance went to shit after you purchased the paid version. Sounds fishy.

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Dec 21, 2010 6:45:55 AM via App

It may sound fishy, but the actions I reported in my last post is what happens. As long as its not runnng the problems gone.