Can't find app. to keep track of days off

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Dec 31, 2010 9:54:39 PM via Website

I am looking for an Android Application that will keep track of my days off for the year. I have searched the Android market for the past 4 months and can't find what I want. I had a great app. for my Palm OS called Dayz Off that was perfect. Since switching to my Samsung Fascinate I can't find anything comparable. All I can find is apps. that keep track of your hours or those for keeping track of shift work. I am looking for something that I can enter how many days I get off for the year and then enter the days that I take off and a description of why. I would need it to give a running total of how many days I have left.

Has anyone see an app. with does this or can any of you developers out there make one?

Chris Hunter
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Jan 1, 2011 4:29:18 PM via Website

I downloaded this app and it isn't really what I am looking for. Maybe I am not using the app. correctly. The app you suggested just keeps track of your work schedule not your days off. Thanks for the suggestion thought. I may still be able to use it. I have just set the presets as how many days of vacation I have left. I would still be interested in an app. that is specifically for keeping track of your days off.