How to activate Android Market apps on Vodafone 945

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Mar 18, 2011 2:04:48 PM via Website


I just bought a Vodafone 945 device but I am unable to access to Android market apps due to Vodafone factory settings. Vodafone actually has been selling thousands of Android devices in Turkey which has no access to Android market. Devices also has no other application providing any access to other Android sites. And they do not tell the truth to customers while selling these devices either. Imagine: You are buying a phone thinkin that it has Android- a great alternative to iPhone, and you supposed to donwload all those great apps and when turn you device at homw you are finding out that you are not allowed to download anything!...Aren't they supposed to tell you that you are not allowed to download apps while you are about to make a decision on your new phone?
They are selling you a phone with Android OS and you are not allowed to access to android apps. They are still selling thousands of devices as of March 2011 in Turkey. The number of dissapointed and cheated Vodafone customers in the country is huge and I am about to take them to the court.
Anyway, Does anyone know how to get over with this problem? Apparently Vodafone Turkey will not do anything to solve my problem.

Please help!


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Mar 18, 2011 3:50:03 PM via Website

I understand your problem. However, before I address that, you need to know that making several threads (in your case, 4) about the same topic is absolutely not necessary, not encouraged, and not allowed. Especially considering that you posted all of them in the same forum. You managed to find the appropriate forum, but making 4 threads is completely unneeded. I have removed the other ones.

Back on topic, there are more and more cellular providers doing this these days. This used to happen, but only with the supercheap android "tablets" that were coming out of asia. They had no Android Market because the devices did not meet Google's specification for a device which is allowed to run the Android Market.

Phones, as a general rule, were allowed in the past because they had Wi-Fi, 3G, and the various other sensors needed to properly run Android applications and ensure a decent user experience. Because pretty much every android smartphone had this, it was not really an issue except in countries where the government and Google could not reach an agreement about the laws regarding data/app distribution and what the public are allowed to access/download from the internet.

It is possible Turkey has changed their laws recently and that companies are no longer allowed to sell the Android devices with the Android Market pre-installed. There are other countries that have the same problem. I believe UAE and Saudi Arabia both are like this, as well as others.

Check out AndroidPIT's own app market, called App Center, here.

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