Alternative sources for Android software and support?

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Mar 29, 2011 7:28:55 PM via Website

I've just obtained a Samsung Galaxy Tab from Verizon. I like the device a lot, am a satisfied Verizon customer, and as a Linux user also like Android because it is supposedly "open". Unfortunately, Samsung and Verizon have locked-in crapware that can't be removed in their version of Android. Further if the device is rooted and the crapware "frozen"--whatever that means-- then the Samsung software updates will fail on detecting that the crapware is not present (so I'm informed from some info on the Web).

Now, I like Samsung products generally and I especially like the Galaxy Tab, but I'm looking for an alternative source of "pure", "open" Android from some non-Samsung source. I've also learned that Ubuntu can be run on the Galaxy Tab, but I'm looking for a supported Android release plus the ability to install Verizon drivers so I can continue to use the device on the Verizon 3G net.

Any suggestions?