ToDo Lists for a harrassed boss

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Apr 5, 2011 10:42:16 AM via Website

Hi Guys,

I am in my seventies and am the editor of a local community newspaper. My wife acts as my secretary and needs to keep me in check as my memory is so bad I can't remember what i did... err... why am I writing this message, Oh yes, the ToDo app - sorry, I digressed!

I always refer to my HTC Desire so she has suggested the following and says that there must be thousands of bosses all over the world that need such a device:

She would use her computer to type in all the things I have to do and, like magic, it would appear on my Desire as a todo. Is there such an animal?

I am looking for an app which will sit on the SDCard and not in memory as I have over 60 apps on my phone already and use them all. :-)

I have seen one app for $2 which allows the use of Dropbox between a secretaries computer and the bosses cellphone - I hasten to add I am only the boss with the newspaper, not - unfortunately - at home :-(

Although not rich - I work on the newspaper for nothing - we are all volunteers to help our community - I am prepared to pay whatever it takes for the right app so am not necessarily looking for a free one.

I really should also get an app which would help me plan my retirement. Oh heck, that'll be for next year or the year after!

Ampers (A South African from London UK)
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Apr 5, 2011 12:24:45 PM via Website

I would most likely recommend Google tasks. It allows you to sync tasks between your computer and your phone and it looks really easy to use.

Here's a tutorial video:

And here's the app in the Android Pit website:
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Apr 5, 2011 12:37:54 PM via Website

Yes, this was looked at but doesn't meet my requirements as I set out above.

My wife would have to use my computer, I need something such as the app which uses Dropbox - at least then she can use her computer.

You see, she needs to use her computer as there is no way I am going to give her access to my gmail password :-)

One should keep some things personal.

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Apr 5, 2011 2:59:19 PM via Website

But I do know of one, as I said in my first email. Read it again and you will then see that my email wasn't about that.
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Apr 7, 2011 5:14:58 AM via Website

I think Evernote may be the app you are looking for. Here's the link:

So what you can do is download Evernote for your computer and then download the Evernote app for your HTC Desire. With one account it should synchronize anything from your PC to your phone and vice-versa. The app has gotten great reviews and I think it will be really helpful.

Best of luck!
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Apr 7, 2011 9:12:16 AM via Website

That looks interesting. I have added the todo.txt to my phone and it works seemlessly with Dropbox.

This app looks useful in a different way.

I wanted an app to work from my wife's computer to my phone and although I don't think this app would be a good idea from her point of view, it could be useful.


And, to everyone else, thanks for your help and I am sorted for the todo.