iPad 2…........ Have we reached the tipping point??

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Apr 13, 2011 4:51:32 AM via Website

It can be argued, very effectively, that iPad 1 was the actual tipping point for the tablet market. For one year now I have been thinking that this was the case. That was until yesterday. There appears to be far more buzz about iPad 2 than when iPad 1 arrived. I expected that to an extent as awareness of what the iPad is all about has certainly been rising over the last 11 months. What really makes me think this is a tipping point is the employees in the IT department at my work. Apple haters through and through they are. A few of them know I like Apple products, they were constantly sending me all the news briefs on the latest “iPad killer”. Yesterday, two of these individuals came into my office expressing their interest in purchasing the iPad 2. They had read the reviews, seen the online videos and were very impressed. These are two people I NEVER expected to buy an iPad. This speaks volumes to me about how well this product is going to sell this year.

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