London: Are you developer enough?

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May 13, 2011 10:50:40 AM via Website

Are you developer enough to answer the call?

Hello my names Tariq and I am a big fan of mobile phones but an even bigger fan of mobile applications. Now I think you and me will agree that there is a some really horrible applications out there and I think people deserve a lot better. A lot of apps out there are rushed and give users a poor experience so I am forming my own start up called pulchra which is focused on two things building fantastic apps that users fine easy to use and to create the perfect environment for developers to work in, so they enjoy coming to work and do what they love in an environment is relaxed and chilled.

pulchra is currently looking for funding and have found some suitable investors but I am not a developer I am more an entreprnuer who has a vision, a vision that theres a future where horrible applications dont exist anymore just great apps some produced by us some by other people because we forced the change. I have some concepts that I think is great for some applications and I am sure as developers you also have some fantastic ideas all of these can come to fruition if you answer the call, by sharing concepts with other developers projects can be completed quicker and better. Of course pulchra needs to create some revenue and currently there is three main ways applications make money these are ads, donations and paid downloads. pulchra will incorparate these methods and incorparate other methods that people arent using.

There are many new applications start ups launching but I am sure none have the vision that I have, most of them are just interested making a quick buck thus why they are so many poor applications out there. While money is a factor in pulchra it is not the motivation behind it better working conditions and better application are the driving force behind pulchra. At pulchra you will learn new skills, you will be challenged and will acheieve things that you once thought were impossible. So to summarize pulchra wants to create the best apps developed by developers who work in an environement they enjoy and control. Lets just get together and have fun doing what we love and are passionate about. Prefrebally looking fordevelopers who are from London and experienced in Andriod and iOS.

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