HTC Desire HD — The watch on some HTC units.

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May 27, 2011 6:33:34 PM via Website

The watch in my Desire HD is running about ten minutes too fast. Other people out there with the same problem?
It at least seem applicable in some European countries, but I don't know har far and wide the issue persists.

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May 27, 2011 7:40:33 PM via Website

Same here in America on ported Desier HD ROM foe the Incredible, I had to go in to the date and time settings and revert back 10 min. I have no clue why it's 10 min to fast, it should update with the network automatically.

May 27, 2011 8:19:14 PM via App

Hmmm, the carriers here in Denmark unanimously state that their networks are ok.
It *would* be strange if both European an North American customers were affected by the same network problem.
It would appear to point at some issue with HTC's firmware

May 27, 2011 8:28:10 PM via Website

Thats the big question going around XDA developers right now, is why the clocks are affected because its not kust the Desire HD, its the Inc, the Evo 4G, well its going on with all HTC devices rooted or not.

May 27, 2011 9:32:46 PM via App

Curiously, over at a couple of Dell Streak users have joined the discussion. I wonder what's going on here.
In the meanwhile, HTC says that they're looking into it.
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Jun 6, 2011 9:03:58 AM via App

Yeah this morning i thought we had overslept, prized my 14 yr old out of bed and then realised from the telly there was no need to worry. Bloody annoying. I am in the uk.

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