Root vs non root

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Jun 7, 2011 2:22:13 PM via App

I have just recently rooted my droid x and flashed a custom rom. And let me just say I will never again go back to stock android. I no longer have any bloat ware applications which is great I now have more available memory and an increase in speed. To anybody considering rooting there device I would highly recommend it! If anybody has any questions please feel free to ask!
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Jun 7, 2011 4:33:32 PM via App

I would love to share! I am a fan of simplicity so the easiest and safest way is the best for me. At the time of my rooting I was running android 2.2 I mention this because it may be different for 2.3 users. What I did first was use my phones internet browser went to google and typed in 4shared go to the website and download the application. From there I typed in z4root into the 4shared search engine and downloaded that application from there all you have to do is open up z4root and click the button that says root very easy process which should take no more than 5 mins. As far as flashing a rom which I am currently running rubix focused 2.0.1 go to google on your pc and type in rubix focused download look for the 2.0.1 and save it to your desktop from there you plug your device into your computer make sure usb debugging is on and simply drag and drop the file onto the root of your sd card. Now this next step is very important do not miss this go back to your 4shared application and type in droid x in the search bar find the application that says droid x boot strapper ( you can download this in the android market but it costs money and free is always nice :) and I should also mention that you can find many applications on 4shared so before buying on the android market check 4shared to see if they have it). after bootstrapper is installed click the button that says bootstrap recovery (one on top) then click boot into recovery ( button on bottom I believe that's what the buttons are called just remember click the one on top then one on bottom) after that you must click on factory reset then wipe data and cache and then go to install zip from sd card and the file should be there in alphabet order. Keep in mind each rom has it's own set of instructions so before flashing any of them find accurate directions from a reliable source. OKAY I HAVE SAVED THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM FOR LAST! Do not I repeat do not! Forget to make a nandroid backup! You can do this by using the bootstrapper application you used before before you flash and rom go to restore and backup on the bootstrapper menu after going into recovery and click backup that way you will be able to return to stock android if you please. Now I take no responsibily for any damage done to your phone for following these instructions rooting and flashing roms have the potential to be dangerous if directions are not followed do at your own risk! Hope this helped
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Jun 7, 2011 6:04:42 PM via Website

Thank you so much for telling everyone in the community how you rooted your Droid X. Your instructions are so detailed and helpful and I hope people also listen to your warning to make sure and do a nandroid backup. It's awesome people like you that help our community to grown and learn. Thanks!