Infuse Battery Life Sucks

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Jun 22, 2011 4:10:35 PM via Website

My Infuse seems to be struck with terrible battery life. At first, I thought it was my fault for not charging it right the first day I owned it, but now I think the problem runs much deeper. I'm lucky if it lasts me the day, and this is very, very light internet use and maybe 15 minutes of talk time. I have tried uninstalling, high brightness, web browsing, playing games and watching videos and deleting the live wallpaper but I'm not sure what else to do. Anyone have a similar problem? What did you do?

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Jul 6, 2011 9:25:38 AM via App

get juice defender app..

but also let your battery run out completely and then charge completely.. repeat. that calibrates your battery.

most smartphones have to be charged daily. its not abnormal.

use wifi as often as possible as well.

make sure apps arent running in the background by using task killer app.

do not overcharge and leave it plugged in too long. can't be specific on how long is too long.

hope this helps

sent from my Infuse

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Jul 6, 2011 9:36:28 AM via Website

Hi there,

I was surprised when I realized just how quickly the battery on my HTC Sensation ran out...I think that smartphones just don't have the battery life that they used to..

Yes, definitely try downloading Juice Defender.Even the free version is mighty helpful. Make sure you turn off WiFi / data at night or when you're not using it.

Wish you luck!


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