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Aug 4, 2011 6:03:23 AM via Website


I have a question for any body that can answer me, it will be much appreciated.....I have a HTC Desire Z phone and I have on it my MP3 music that I would like to play from my phone to the car stereo, what Im not sure is what accossories I need to go with my phone in order to make this happen I really should say if this can really work.

Thank You
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Aug 4, 2011 10:03:16 AM via Website

You've got several options, but first could you tell what kind of car stereo you have? Is it a CD player? does it have a USB input or is it one of those old tape decks?

1) if your car has a regular analog audio input (one of those regular cables with two headphone jacks at each end), you can plug one end of it into your phone and the other into your car stereo. It's the easiest way, but the audio quality isn't always perfect.

2) if you have a bluetooth stereo you can stream music via bluetooth between your phone and car stereo. this does drain your battery a lot though.

3)if your car has a USB port plug in your phone's USB cord into it and it should work

4) finally, if you have an old tape deck system, you can buy one of those ancient tape deck adapters and plug in the other side of the chord into the phone's headphone jack.

There are also FM transmitters that transmit your music on an empty radio wave length, but I wouldn't recommend them too highly.
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Aug 4, 2011 10:37:27 PM via Website

Hi Yan.M

Thanks for your reply, my car is a 2006 Toyota Corolla but I only have the basic a regular
CD player I don't have one of these thing I can plug in the car into my phone no USB outlet
Either in my car only to work with the cicggert lighter. Oh will maybe this won't work for me

Thanks Again, for your input