Samsung Galaxy S2 — Should I purchase a Zagg InvisibleShield screen protector or something else for the S2? Any thoughts?

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Aug 11, 2011 12:43:50 PM via Website

Hey guys. Just bought the S2 from Expansys-USA to use here with AT&T. It’s a fantastic device. However, I would like to also purchase a screen protector. Here’s where I need your guys' input and opinions.

In the past, I've used only the Zagg InvisibleShield and had them professionally installed at one of the Zagg carts/kiosks at my local malls. For the most part, they worked beautifully. Very smooth installation, although the screen itself had more of a "tacky" feel to it.

While researching the InvisibleShield for the S2, I came across this review on YouTube:

Basically, the user gave a negative experience using the InvisibleShield and his S2. The reason was that the InvisibleShield left a permanent imprint on the phone and was too tacky for his tastes. I don’t mind the tackiness, but what worries me is possible damage to the phone in either of an imprint form (as this reviewer said) or possible water damage (as the idea of using any type of liquid always scares me). Although I have had 4 phones done with an InvisibleShield screen protector, the water did not prove to be problematic.

However, this time, I am paying pretty much $600-700 upfront with my own money without warranty for this unlocked version. This has gotten me worried whether I should still purchase the InvisibleShield and let them professionally install it. You never know when water/liquid can damage electronics! Especially with a new product like this… :-(

Anyhow, for those who either ARE currently using the InvisibleShield with the S2 and/or have used it before, but changed to another screen protector, what are your thoughts? Should I use it? I was thinking to just purchase the FRONT screen protector (not full body nor sides), and then buy a case that would be compatible with this screen protector.

Or should I purchase another screen protector? The SGP Oleophobic is what the YouTube reviewer chose, and it seems SGP products are favored with this phone. I guess the advantage is I would not have to use water. Anyhow, what do you guys think?