Will android dominate at the next Mobile World Congress?

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Sep 23, 2011, 8:26:35 AM via Website

When 60,000+ mobile industry heads descend on the GSMA-declared World Mobile City of Barcelona next February, do you think Android be mentioned in just about every presentation? Are you an android developer thinking of attending Apps Planet 2012 at the Mobile World Congress next year? What are you weighing up as deciding factors in how much to participate and when do you start planning in earnest?

I'm writing a series on the Mobile World Congress for a Barcelona-based travel site and am keen to hear from android developers who have an opinion on the value of this global industry event. I really want the articles to collect into a useful resource to guide your planning and involvement, so i'm looking forward to the discussion...

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Sep 23, 2011, 11:08:20 AM via Website

I don't know if dominate is the right word but it's def. going to be one of the feature OS if not the feature system. Android is increasing its marketshare world wide but esp. in the English speaking world It's main competition comes from iOS but their having their next big launch in the next month and since the Apple production cycle is much longer and much slower then the overall production cycle of the Android community the probably wont have any big device which will take centerstage. The other OS (webOS, windows mobile, Bada) aren't yet able to really increase their market share meaning there probably won't be that much that can actually compete with Android's position. The only one I'd keep an eye on is Bada. It recently went open source and with the rumors that LG and Samsung are being pressured by the Korean government to drop Android from their phones Bada would be a logical choice (But I seriously hope that doesn't happen) In any case I'll just say expect to see alot of green at the MWC next year. :smug:

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Sep 23, 2011, 4:36:16 PM via Website

Hehe you're in an Android form. What kind of response do you expect? No the OS we spend alot of our free time with will disappear and no one will care about it? Of course its going to kick ass!

But really I think Aaron has a point. It can't do anything but go up because of the development cycle. But Apple might have a couple of surprises up their sleeve. I just read that they may not announce the iPhone 5 next month but rather just a tweaked version of the iPhone4 (iPhone 4s) and save the iPhone5 for next spring. Thats the only thing that could steal a bit of Android's thunder.

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Sep 23, 2011, 6:44:43 PM via Website

Yeah, it is a bit of a no-brainer i guess. I had tried to link to samples of the mobile world congress work im doing to give a bit more context and encourage replies to the questions i initially posed but i must have only read the rules about not being rude to newbies rather than anything that doesnt allow embedded links. i wouldnt mind if they were no follows i was just hoping to show what info im trying to provide to apps developers who are thinking about a major industry conference like mobile world congress.

Aaron's points consolidated some of the cursory reading i had done and not connected the dots on: bada for example. But - maybe this is my community development and policy writing background - i would have thought that would mean android developers would need to in part use an event like congress to try and further entrench the platform as a mobile standard, partly by being everywhere and as droidlover says kicking ass.

I am still really keen to hear more about apps developers perceptions on mwc and what you need to decide to attend or not. I am about to post another forum thread about a barcelona digital apps conference in november this year for people's feedback as well. Are industry events like mwc something you feel would be a possibility droidlover? For example, by attending their apps planet events and app developer conference series, or is something as big as wmc and (probably) overseas not really on your radar, so you look for something more grounded where you can either build more coding skills or network around promoting your apps?