Suggestion: Allow to Comment Reviews

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Nov 22, 2011, 4:11:19 PM via Website

Hi folks,

As I am quite new to AndroidPit I hope this is the right place for a comment/suggestion. I also searched the forum for my "problem" but couldn't find a related thread. I really love AndroidPit as a source for good information on Android and apps. However, I miss (or just overlooked?) a feature that allows to directly comment on reviews or to report inappropriate reviews.

The reason why I came to think about this is the English review on K-9 Mail. This review is just nonsense. It pretends to review a fairly new version (3.605) of K-9 mail. However, it is just a translation of the German review that tested Version <= 0.114. Both reviews have almost the same text and the same rating (even a bug is reported in almost the same way).


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Nov 22, 2011, 4:14:10 PM via Website

Ok, sorry for this post. I just didn't scroll down far enough to find the comments section.

However, the strange "test report" on "version 3.605" stays obviously strange...

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Nov 23, 2011, 10:44:39 AM via Website

Thanks for writing... you are right the app review is a translation. Because we report in 6 languages it's more efficient to have our reviewers review an app and then have the review translated into the other languages we report in. That also helps us maintain information quality through out the AndroidPIT community.

Regarding the date strangeness, we think that was an error in our system. The review was originally from 2009 and when we save a review it automatically takes the version information from the AppCenter so that the information is up to date. But it appears in this case that the review was updated at some later point which caused the system to change the corresponding version information to match the version at the time of the review update. Thanks for catching that for us! We'll go back and do a new review of the current version as soon as we have a free review slot.