has nobody modded their arc here?

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Dec 7, 2011 7:16:07 AM via Website

I haven't been here for a while, but I'm surprised there's no posts about modding. The arc is pretty good when stock, I suppose, and being an x10 owner previously I suppose I expected to have to mod the Arc... But anyway, what with cm7 official, miui ports and a couple of custom roms and the usual android tweaks/mods I would expect some discussions going on...
Anyway, here's what I've done(well, kept) so far: Arconium rom as I prefer t.he SE ui over generic launchers, link2sd to basically expand internal memory, juwe11s ram optimizer, Doomlords kernel with overclocking at 1.6ghz which is fast yet stable, se home 5*4, the obligatory ics theme, a few sysctl rweaks, a few build.prop tweaks and that's about it. I can get huge quadrant scores with cm7 but I don't really judge by them, they're a bit like 0-60 times for a car... That's what I have at the moment, and have decided(so far)that these are the best options for me.


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Dec 7, 2011 12:11:34 PM via Website

Hey thanks for the info! How did you find rooting the Arc? I just tried to root my xperia play and nearly killed the thing and had to take it to a techie friend because the thing was almost bricked. Was it easy to root the xperia arc or did you have to get help?
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Dec 7, 2011 12:39:04 PM via Website

I got my arc in June, sim-free. Unlocked the bootloader and flashed a custom kernel, that negates the need to root. There's now an app on xda called Zergrush, or similar, which apparently really simplifies the rooting process. The benefits of rooting suit me, I use apps like root explorer and titanium backup constantly as I tend to flash roms/scripts/mods constantly...It's like the x10, pretty unbrickable even with the unlocked bootloader(touch wood)due to the support on xda. The play has similar support, dunno if it's an issue any more but there wasa fix to enable the BraviaEngine on it.