Camera Bug and Viewing pictures in Gallery

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Dec 21, 2011 3:48:47 AM via Website


I just found a bug on my HTC ChaCha's camera. Every time i take pictures on the camera it always rotates.. example is when I take a landscape it will then show it as portrait. In addition Once I view those camera taken pictures in the Gallery it automatically rotates itself.. which is a bit annoying, because i need to rotate them back. Anyone experience this on their ChaCha and found a fix?

Many Thanks Android Peeps!
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Dec 28, 2011 11:22:43 AM via Website

I couldn't find an info on this ChaCha bug online but it sounds like there is an error in your camera program. Have you tried a different camera app to see if the problem is confined to that particular app?

If its not you could try a factor reset to see if that clears up the issue but be careful; a factory reset causes you to loose all data.

If it's not that big of an annoyance, you could also just use a photo editing program like photoshop express to change them back.
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Dec 30, 2011 5:48:43 AM via Website

I have updated my android to 2.3.5 and it seem to fixed the issue. :)
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Aug 27, 2012 9:12:54 PM via Website

hi mr.Rhaile .how u.i giving to ur answer about ratating of album photos.listen dear ''go first setting..then go to display...then in display check the down last .there is a ''G- Sensor calibration settings'''after u found this click to there.then u will see somthing there.after that make it ur mobile like tv screen.i mean make it up that charger pin side and oposite side make it.make volume side up.then make correct level of ur mobile.then in screen cheke it that level baloon is correct and level.if that is love then click to ''calibration''.u will see in screen ''calibration'''.but becarefull .dont move ur mobile.just stop on level then click to ''calibration'''after that ''ok''''just finish ur problem...not hard..very easy....if u not understand so u can contact to me in my email....( hope u will happy for this help...bye bye dear....anytime i will help u ..Regard -- Anil Kumar Rajgadiya,india,Rajasthan..