Tronball 3D Extended

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Dec 27, 2011 8:00:26 PM via Website

Hey Guys! We developed a new game named Tron Ball extended Lite. Please let us know what do you think about it. It has also a demo version.

Tronballs are spherical lifeforms which live inside virtual worlds. They move around by rolling but can also make phenomenal jumps to clear obstacles.

The virtual world is a dangerous place. Safe areas are marked by red tiles. The Tronball can pass over them safely. Blue swirling regions are danger zones. The Tronball will dissolve if it comes into contact with the blue areas.

The goal of the game is to guide the Tronball to the end of the level. Control is achieved by use of the accelerometer controls. By tilting your phone you can guide the Tronball in any direction. Jumping is achieved in an automatic manner. When the Tronball senses an obstacle such as a blue zone it will automatically jump to clear it.

Comments or suggestions or plain old bug reports are very much welcome. You may email us at

We hope to have a page dedicated to Tronball soon. A sequel is being developed with lot more features. Please check our webpage from time to time if you are interested in this type of game.

The extended edition of Tronball 3D features additional levels (over 10 infact) over the original Tronball 3D. To play without ads please purchase the full version of Tronball 3D extended.
Tron Ball Extended Lite link

Tron Ball Extended Full version link:)

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Thank You.