New Record! SMS App sends 450 characters in single SMS!

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Feb 24, 2012 1:56:07 AM via Website

A new app, KyshMysh compresses upto 450 characters into a single SMS, versus the default limit of 160!

It's FREE on the Android Market:

Check out their promo YouTube video here:

KyshMysh employs cutting edge compression techniques to pack as many as 450 English characters into a single SMS. Think of KyshMysh as an incredibly good “zip” utility for text messaging.

Secret Sauce: KyshMysh's patent pending technology uses a training algorithm to “teach” the app a given language. Currently, KyshMysh is fluent in English, and has been able to compress upto 450 characters to within 160, which is the upper limit of the SMS standard. However, much like an infant learning a new language, KyshMysh doesn’t compress (comprehend) words and patterns that it hasn’t encountered during training, or is statistically unlike the rest of the language. For instance, the word “Djibouti” is statistically very different from a regular English word, in that it is rare for a “j” to follow a “D” in regular English. If you input gibberish into KyshMysh, its compression ratio drastically reduces. Similarly, compression of other languages won’t be on par with that of English.