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May 3, 2012 3:27:54 PM via Website

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It's a Kernel forAOSP/AOKP/CM9 Roms. Only stable mods with best Battery life.

I spend a lot of time on this project so if you like my work you can do a donation by clicking this button.

All my Sourcecode's you can find here. https://github.com/pinpong

based on samung update4 patched to linux 3.0.30
I/O Schedulers: BFQv3-R2, Noop, SIO, VR (default), deadline, cfq
Governors: lulzactive (default), ondemand, interactive, sakuractive,
intelldemand, lagfree, smartassv2, savagedzen, performance, userspace, powersave
Bootanimation Support
J4FS: Custom Bootlogo (( you can use helcat's bootscreen changer from market SGS2 BootScreen Changer )
be sure you have reset your flash counter) How to [02.03.2012][ROOT] TriangleAway v1.25
Improved Touchscreen sensitivity ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
Thoravukk control Official Android application for Thoravukk Kernel
LED Timout ON/OFF ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
Voodoo Louder Support ( need the VoodooLouder app )
CPU Overclocking & Undervolting support ( 200MHz-1200MHz as default ) ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
GPU Overclocking & Undervolting support ( 133MHz, 200MHz, 267MHz as default )( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
Charging voltage support ( use at your own risk ) ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
CWM touch Recovery with gesture support
OTG ( USB mouse and keyboard support )
fuse.ko ntfs support ( control by Thoravukk-kernel App )
Compile with special CFLAGS
Stripped modules
init.d support
[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1616426"][APP]Thoravukk Control for Thoravukk Kernel [/URL]

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mach-u1: solved problem with touch sensitivity
ramdisk cleanup

linux 3.0.30
remove wheatly governor
remove lazy governor
cpufreq interactive updated
re-working recovery
fixed nandroid backup
fixed led timout always off/on
vibrator level default 4
power: raised polling interval and usb charge current
Timer frequency: 300Hz
Makefile: Compile with -Ofast
remove app from boot.img ( now you need to download in app thread [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1616426"][APP]Thoravukk Control for Thoravukk Kernel [/URL]

App: some fixes ( before you flash new kernel be sure you have deinstall the old thoravukk control app )
USB OTG support thx gokhan
remove debugging
re-compiled recovery

Thoravukk-kernel App( beta )
better battery runtime

linux 3.0.29
hope we fix sod's
minore fixes
fuse.ko ntfs support

revert: Switch to Gingerbread legacy hotplug
update interactive Governor
remove lot debugging and tracing
revert: 1200MHz lowered voltage
for completely chngelog check https://github.com/pinpong

fix permission
Joe's RCU
Switch to Gingerbread legacy hotplug testing
more on github https://github.com/pinpong/thoravukk/commits

update ramdisk
fix for bootsplash changer
update recovery
1200MHz lowered voltage

now we have a great ics kernel
should work now with newer and older aosp roms
more optimizations
update recovery
switched mountpoints for sdcards to match cm standard:
/mnt/emmc = internal storage
/mnt/sdcard = external sdcard

same as 2.30 but will work with newer cm9 nightlys

back to 2.21 cpu driver and enable 1400&1600MHz ( i think i will remove 1600Mhz next version )
led_timout back to 500
more compiler optimization

change to stable cpu drivers. 200MHz-1400MHz
led_timeout 250 as default

cpu voltage fixes

fix permission ( init.d should work fine now ) it will fix the VC conflict
remove 300,400,600,900MHz frequencies
stripped modules ( thx saturn_de for the good idea ) we get smaller modules
remove ext4 remount script ( it's useless )

CPU: Now with 16 steps ( thx homura/fluxy )
J4FS Module for custom bootlogo thx codeworkx & sakuramilk to gimme some input
more cleanup
add lippol94 kernel cleaning script
remove cleanup.sh

Linux 3.0.28 upgrade
recovery-ramdisk cleanup
ramdisk cleanup
change touchscreen sensitivity

enable CIFS
Add adjustable vibrator levels
Performance improvement

Patch to linux 3.0.27
disable pegasusq governor
set leds on for 1 secs as standard
change recovery color
set the right path for sd and sd-ext in recovery
disable more kernel debbuging
sio tuned for flash device's
set lulzactive as default

initramfs cleanup
hope we fix kernel_panic
Touch recovery thx sk8erwitskil
Use other way to copy liblights ( now it should work without problems )
Set sakuractive as default governer

init.d support
modded initramfs
add wheatley governer
add cpu overclocking thx gm
CPU Overclocking & Undervolting support thx gm
GPU Overclocking & Undervolting support thx gm
BLN auto install
Tegrak second core app support
Tegrak touch move app support
Charging voltage support thx gm
add clean-up script

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*neldar *hardcore *koush *sakuramilk *homuhomu
* tegrak *gokhanmoral *cattleprod *creams *arighi *fluxi *sk8erwitskil
*vitalij *thank's to all members of team-blockbuster and all i forgot


*stratosk *saturn_de *mialwe *zacharias.maladroit *simone201 *codeworx


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