Google Galaxy Nexus — external battery to extend Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery using time

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Jul 4, 2012 5:26:49 AM via Website

When all the electronic devices especially those portable products, such as mobile phone PDA, PSP are more and more popularized, power bank will become more important. We could say, as a tool for electronic products, power bank will be thestrong backup for all the portable digital products…

Nowadays, Portable power bank is not just defined as consumer electronics; more importantly, it was defined as a tool of our life and work. Because it makes the power can be applied portably, Power bank will sure have a profound influence about people’s life, more than the other products as daily tools.

In future, Power bank also will be widely used as a home applied tool. It can substitute for all the battery we might use in the house (including disposable or rechargeable battery).with its high capacity, portability, low cost in long term, and
environmental friendly, Power bank will definitely be widely applied in daily life...

I've seen a few posts about spare / replacement batteries for the Galaxy Nexus. This one I want to recommend is Ravpower 5600mAh external battery pack.At fact,I don't expect it too high because it's my first time to buy this brand external battery,but to my surprise,it's better than I thought.
I tend to pick up first impressions of a product based on the visual quality of the packaging, case finish, instructions, etc. The Ravpower product did not disappoint at this stage. It was simply packaged but effective in protecting the contents and easy to get into. The instructions where easy to read and make it clear that it's necessary to fully charge and discharge the battery for 3 or 4 times before it carries a full charge. This took well over week to achieve due to the long life of the battery between charges!
- Size: 3.86" x 1.61" x 0.83"
- Weight: 4.36 oz.

First, just in case you don't know what mAh means: It stands for milli-Amp hour and basically it's a measure of battery electrical capacity or storage 'size'. Everything else being equal, the bigger the number the longer the electrical power should last. The issue is that for many non manufacturer supplied batteries everything else is not equal. The inequalities range from mislabelling/over ambitious claims (I call it lying), to poor battery design such that it overheats or leaks or just fails sooner than it should (some might call them cr*p batteries). Of course such inferior batteries are usually cheaper to buy!

I tested the stock Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2500mAh battery with WiFi and GPS permanently enabled and sync set to 30 minutes. I used the Note frequently throughout the day for 2G (voice and text), WiFi and 3G surfing, Facebook, Twitter, newsfeeds, email, diary and the occasional game. The battery was charged overnight using the USB from my Desktop, and so started the day at 100%. By 15:00 it was down to 30%. By 19:00 it was down to 10%.
I then did the same using the Ravpower 5600mAh battery. By 15:00 on Day 1 the charge remaining was down to 70%. It reached 40% at 12:00 on Day 2 and 18% by 19:00 on day 2. Wow! This was over a doubling in elapsed time over the standard battery.
Using the Nexus as I would more normally, but with the Ravpower 5600mAh battery, I found that I used GPS more (I do a lot of walking and track my route) without worrying about running out of power. I was not having to think about saving power for later use as I knew there was plenty available. I also didn't have to top-up charge during the day at all. The Ravpower battery comfortably lasted two days and sometimes three before reaching the 10% to 20% mark.

Pros: Great price for the amount of charging capacity it has onboard. I like the smooth exterior surface, Very nice feel and looks like it is a quality, protective coating. The four bar lights are great for knowing how much battery you have left. I charged my iPhone 4 from near dead 4 times before I plugged it in! It chargers fast! Just as if it were charged from the wall! All of the connectors and cable accessories means I can charge all of my families devices like the iPhone, Nintendo DS, etc. when we are traveling. The flashlight also add the points, it can be light on even in low battery status (only one bar lights on). It is small enough and fit in my pocket.

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Aug 21, 2012 4:16:33 AM via Website

Yes, great, and very convenient, and I am very interested in <3
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Nov 25, 2012 1:35:40 AM via App

I'm a little confused? Do plug your phone into the external battery, and it chargers the battery in the phone? or is it just a separate external battery? Also I have seen many of these batteries on several sites. From Verizon to Samsung..Are there generics? or is one better than the other?
Any help would be great. I go through atleast 3 batteries in a half a day 3/4 of a day depending on usage. I have 2 1800 Amh's and 1 2100 AmH.