Samsung Galaxy S3 — iPhone user possible swap to GS3

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Jul 20, 2012 3:15:52 AM via Website

Hi All,

New member, and dare i say it......long term iphone user!

I work in the television/it business so im fairly clued up technically, im heavily in the mac world (laptop, apple tv, iphone and now ipad). Im not an apple fanboy, there are many things i dislike about apple and the way it does business, the walled garden, etc, etc, but since getting the ipad and using that for most of my work, games i looked at the GS3 as there are some great features that Apple doesn't have, even with the upcoming iOS6. Also i like the idea of being able to put in your own microSD card to bump up the storage, and not paying Apple more money for the privilege! So i'd be happy to go to another system of phone as my main things i want from it are a phone!, email, taking photos when not with my main camera, maps, web browsing, listening to music and updating to the usual social networks, and im hoping this can be covered with a GS3....and for it all to sync across all devices.

So, my big question that im finding hard to find on the web for all my questions, is am i now totally stuck within apple or is a move to android possible? I understand with various android apps it could be done, but is it A difficult to move, and B easy to keep organised across devices?

I guess my main worries are:

itunes library with all my playlist, ratings, etc moving across seamlessly
3 or 4 different email accounts, (i use for my personal email)
being able to send music, photos or video to the Apple TV

Unfortunately the one thing that Apple does well is it "just works" when making software, so im worried going Android would be a lot of micro managing with various apps to get the same use from the phone. Is this true?

Any info would be really helpful, so perhaps i can move to Android :)