Help! Downloading driver and root tool crashed computer!

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Aug 16, 2012 4:01:47 AM via Website

Hello all! I am new to android pit, but have experience with computers. After chatting with fellow geek pals, I decided to screw the warranty, and root my ZTE score. Since the computer at my shop is the only terminal I have access to. I went online and researched several web sites on how to root my ZTE Score. I downloaded the driver and root tool reccomended by many and proceeded to unzip and run both. I copied both files to my phone, So I could have them at a later time if it didn't work. By this time to shop was closing, So I closed the files, And moved them into the recycle bin for deletion. That night I went over to a friends house and used his computer to do the same. This time I figured out I need windows 7 to run the recommended drivers. On Monday, my boss starts yelling about how are estimating system crashed, and will cost thousands of dollars to fix. Nothing on my friends computer failed. The shop computer has anti virus software, firewalls and all. If you have any opinions or suggestions anything would help.
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Jan 19, 2013 7:05:01 PM via Website

Windows XP. Got terminated a 2 weeks later for damaging a customer vehicle. Boss caught me taking photos during lunch proving it was him (or at least the trailer he was using that weekend) that caused damage I was required to repair off clock and out of pocket. On to better things.

I also researched the estimating system he uses. It's run by some "cloud" gizmo, and right about that time, several users of said estimating system complained of catastrophic failure. I downloaded the driver from manufacturers secure site, and the root tool backed by 7 Anti-whatever protection companies. My buddies comfuser also ran XP and its still doing just fine.

Finally rooted via terminal emulator, and a crash course in Linux! Stock Cricket Muve ROM has been replaced with a much faster custom ROM, giving me 4 gigs of memory for apps, vs. the stock 113 MB available before.