Airpush SDK 5.0 now out!

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Aug 28, 2012 12:56:06 AM via Website

Hi Guys,

We have exciting news. I am pleased to announce that Airpush has released their new SDK 5.0. This SDK is in compliance with Google's Terms of Service. Our SDK 5.0 also offers a new type of ad unit which we feel will earn our developers even higher revenue. Please check us out at

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Sep 8, 2012 12:03:11 AM via Website

Really impressed with the stuff I'm reading and seeing. LeadBolt has been satisfactory with an eCPM around $5 (believe me, I'm not complaining ), but the limitations and lack of innovation there are really discouraging. So with the new sdk so far, it's nice that i'm seeing results for myself and others around me that don't differ from the stuff airpush is promising - solid click through rates (seeing 16%), CPMs averaging $9.55 with smartwall, etc. Pretty good so far for me.
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Sep 8, 2012 2:31:21 AM via Website

Had a little trouble with the integration of the app wall but since now I am all setup and good. Airpush support was a little slow with resolving my problem BUT aside from that I am pretty amazed by their CPM. I have similar results. Leadbolt is pretty solid with my CPM hovering around $4-6 but with Airpush's new SDK my CPM is $8-10. Yesterday was at $12.24!! but has declined a few dollars today. So far pretty satisfied with both Leadbolt and Airpush and especially Airpush's new app wall. Hopefully CPM will continue to be steady and remain the same for both ad networks!
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Sep 22, 2012 5:19:24 AM via Website

Never really been gung ho on any one thing in this department, but I'm liking the stuff I see with this new sdk better than most of what i've tried. I say this primarily because of money LOL... My CPM yesterday was ridiculous - like $9.18. And my average for last week was probably just over or below $9. So, for one thing, I'm happy that there's some substance behind the promotional push for this sdk. It's easy for an ad network or exchange to talk a good game and then come up short with piss poor results. So that's where I am with it. If my CPM stays strong or even anywhere close to what I got last week, I'm going to be a really happy camper :lol:
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Sep 29, 2012 1:12:57 PM via Website

Dude, really happy with this so far, the hype is factually warranted. For the last couple of months with leadbolt I've been getting an ecpm consistently in the $5 ballpark, but I've always done better with airpush. the smartwall cpm of $7 - $8 is just plain awesome. Please keep sharing insight, thank for sharing dear all.
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Oct 6, 2012 8:46:47 PM via Website

I just think that every mobile ad network boasts themselves up so much that you can't separate the hype from the actual product or outcome. User experience and feedback is the only reason I looked at Airpush, prolly wouldn't have touched it on my own. I haven't started working exclusively with it yet, but I think that's where i'm going, My daily CPMs are going up every week which is not something I expected. I have had okay experiences with ad networks/platforms and can't throw any under the bus, but my expectations were really low for Airpush and smartwall in particular. So I can say I was more than pleasantly surprised too with the results I'm getting. I really expect to see and hear more about this once it catches on more. There are a lot of people who still haven't looked into the new airpush sdk for reasons that escape me, so i'm like waiting for the rush to come when word of mouth gets a little better.