notification light motoluxe

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Aug 29, 2012 12:16:50 PM via Website

Hi all my wifes motoluxe 5 days old...keeps flashing green though no outstanding messages or missed calls
any ideas how i deal with this....? i have no local shops and no provider shops

Oct 29, 2012 3:51:35 PM via Website

Hello, I have the same issue. The green light keeps flashing for no reason. Did you manage to solve the problem? If so, how? Could you please help me? Thank you.

Oct 29, 2012 6:16:28 PM via Website

Check your notifications of all Social Apps in any case of Social app notification light kept on blinking.

Oct 29, 2012 6:37:02 PM via Website

Thank you for your reply!
Still blinking. I've checked Settings in Gmail, Skype, Facebook and Twitter (those are the only ones I have): led notification is off everywhere. I've checked settings just about anywhere (wifi, bluetooth, data... whatever you may think of).

Oct 30, 2012 2:42:08 PM via Website

I've done that, too (phone's internal storage only, not the SD card as well).
Do you think I should do that, too?
But I'll tell you what I did yesterday. One of my downloaded apps is Android Assistant.
In there, I go on tools - battery use - there is a voice called IronNotifyLED: I force closed that app and now the led's not flashing. Okay, it never flashes now... but it's okay for now.

Oct 31, 2012 6:47:08 AM via Website

So All In All android assistent was causing the prob if so . i had use that before but uninstalled it it is totally unuseful eats your battery and ram

Feb 19, 2013 3:43:24 PM via Website

started again,last time an app update,this time i cant find it,though i think bloody facebook may be the
problem,my razr i dont have fbook thank god