Android Vision at IFA

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Aug 30, 2012 7:25:27 PM via Website

Yesterday I was watching the live stream of the Samsung segment at IFA and I was ready to disconnect after the Galaxy Note 2 announcement. As far as I was concerned that the the main show. I wondered why they would let it go first since I figured all the journalists would leave the room to try to get hands on time with the GNote 2.

Then they pulled out the Galaxy S Camera and I had to pause from pressing the F4 key (my thumb was already on the alt key). And I was struck by the true potential of android. It may go beyond phones and bleed into cameras (PS and SLRs), TVs, Desktop PCs, a plethora of other household appliances and who knows what else - the first self driving automobile might by powered by Android 18.1.5 (Tiramisu) with GoogleSiri (because Google got pissed and it was hostile take over time - RIP Apple, this happend around Android 12.1 ( Rice Pudding) and IOS 13)

Then I realized why Samsung is the leading Android OEM and why they are pushing Android and taking it out of its boundaries. Since they manufacture a host of other products that may or may not benefit from the Android touch. They may be exploring where they can take android and eventually we'll have NFC self inventorying refs, thermostats and A/C units, washing machines, ovens, fans etc, all controlled by the Samsung Galaxy S 15 or Galaxy Note 14.
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Sep 2, 2012 4:06:29 PM via App

loved reading your post. nice future history.
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Sep 11, 2012 1:31:13 PM via Website

I am looking for an android mobile phone and i am very impressed with elegant Android 4.1, Jelly Bean but i am not aware with this so please suggest me that should i have to purchase it or not?
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Sep 11, 2012 5:35:57 PM via App

Stan Jez
loved reading your post. nice future history.

Thank you Stan. I am just in awe and excited as to where Google and Samsung can take Android. Hopefully, they can and will pull it off.
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Sep 11, 2012 5:49:34 PM via App

David Brownz
I am looking for an android mobile phone and i am very impressed with elegant Android 4.1, Jelly Bean but i am not aware with this so please suggest me that should i have to purchase it or not?

Hi, David. The beauty of Android is you have a lot of choices available to suite you budget. Take a look at the Galaxy Note 2 and the next generation Nexus phone, if you can wait a bit. If you need the phone now, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S3, (I couldn't recomend the Note as the Note 2 is coming out. Although I have this phone and love it) and htc One X. If you are looking for a mid range phone, I would consider the Galaxy Nexus and Note (I consider these mid range now since newer versions are coming out soon and price drops are inevitable)

Just look for reviews of the phone over the net. Although disregard the review if you encounter the words Apple or iPhone every 2nd sentence, as it is generally a biased review.
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Sep 13, 2012 2:54:55 PM via Website

Thanks for your suggestion Patrick and finally i think so that S3 would be best for me.

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Jan 27, 2013 9:29:55 AM via Website

I can give you two choices ..... new android 4.0 tablets now available. Those tablet are the "iPad killers" and supporting SMS messaging with the "mySMS" application.

- Cube U9GT2 (16GB) ~249$

- ONDA vi40 Elite (16GB) ~289$

Both the Onda VI40 Android 4.0 IPS Capacitive tablet PC and the Cube U9T2 ICS have very similar specifications and features. First is the 9.7" Capacitive multi-touch IPS screen.

Onda made its name way back in 2008 when it released a 4.3" touch screen mp4 player that please called an iPod Touch wannabe or alternative. This model did well, but the marketing and product development of the company went astray.

This is why I was both suprised and happy to be reviewing first 9.7" Android 4.0 tablet PC by Onda, the VI40 Elite Edition Tablet PC. Boasting 9.7-inch 1024 x 768 capacitive multi-touch IPS display it seems to be 5-point touch. It adopts the fastest yet 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A10 processor with Mali-400 GPU (graphics processor).

The onda VI40 Elite tablet also packs dual cameras, a 1.3 Mega Pixel front-facing camera and a 5.0M pixel rear-facing camera. More the VI40 supports 2160p Super HD video playback.

It has a 6500mAh battery giving you around 4.5 to 5 hours of internet surfing time.

The Cube U9GT2 also has a 9.7" IPS screen but with a more responsive 10-point multi touch screen. The processor is not as fast but will do the job clocking in at 1.2GHz on a Rockchip RK2918 CPU.

In addition to a better screen, the Cube Android 4.0 Tablet also has 16gb of built-in memory compared to Onda's 8gb. The Cube tablet also has larger 8000mah battery for 6 hours of internet surfing or "10 hours music, 4 hours video, 5 hours wifi."

The Cube doesn't have a 5mp camera but it does have dual 2 mega pixel cameras for quality photos and video from front and back.

The Onda VI40 Elite may prove to rule supreme as today's android tablet forum enthusiasts like the cheapest deal, even if the battery only gets an hour less usage from a full charge.

Both have microSD card slots so one could buy a memory card to make up for the 8gb of memory the Onda so dearly misses.

Last thought, the Apple iPad 2 should be wetting its pants now. Both of these tablets are more powerful and have just as responsive capacitive screens. Not to mention extra goodies like dual cameras and open source Ice Cream Sandwich. Yum